What is EcoSmart Sensor

AG Neovo incorporates the EcoSmart sensor to our displays which can automatically adjust display backlight brightness based on the ambient luminance.


Placement of the EcoSmart Sensor

The placement of the EcoSmart sensor is important. The sensor is designed to correctly measure the lighting conditions of the display so as to support adaptive brightness. To avoid placing the EcoSmart sensor in the locations that are likely to be hidden from the light sources, AG Neovo deliberately design to locate the sensor on the same plane as the display. The optimal placement of EcoSmart sensor is adopted in our product design based on possible application scenarios.


How EcoSmart Sensor Works to Ambient Light Change

Based on Microsoft’s data of user’s brightness preference, the optimal screen brightness to ambient light level reflects a nonlinear trend line, which is measured on the basis of an optimal user experience on both screen readability and eye comfort. The test report of AG Neovo’s displays shows a similar trend line in the aspect of the screen brightness (nits) to ambient Light (lux). That is, when the ambient light turns brighter, the display’s backlight intensity becomes stronger, in contrast, the ambient light dimmer, the backlight intensity lower (see chart 1).The backlight brightness becomes higher; the power consumption is higher (see Chart 2).

Benefits of EcoSmart Sensor

The eco-friendly design of EcoSmart sensor helps not only conserve the environment but also lower the total cost of the ownership.

  • Increase screen readability instantly
  • Good for eye strain
  • Lower the power consumption and cost
  • Optimize energy efficiency



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