AG Neovo Showcases Joint Solutions with Partners in Munich


AG Neovo is happy to have been joined by Matrox Graphics and VuWall in organizing a literally custom-made customer service event in Munich in November 2016.AG Neovo is happy to have been joined by Matrox Graphics and VuWall in organizing a literally custom-made customer service event in Munich in November 2016. The one-day function proved a great success for both the hosting partners and participants—AV professionals, system integrators, and dealers—as many upcoming projects were reviewed and much positive feedback collected.

Unlike traditional trade shows, customer service came under the spotlight at this unique get-together where AG Neovo and its partners focused on how they could ensure customer satisfaction by addressing individual requirements for devising tailor-made solutions. This AG Neovo presentation was divided into four sections for different applications:

1. Videowall Management
Four of AG Neovo’s 55", ultra-narrow bezel PN-55H 24/7 displays were set up in a 2x2 configuration. This videowall was driven by a Matrox Mura™ display card on a 19" PC-system and controlled with VuWall2 software via one AG Neovo TM-23, a 23" touch-console monitor. Incorporated with a Matrox Mura™ IPX 4K Capture and IP Decoder PCI Express® card, the system could not only perform quad capture but also decode many standard H.264-IP-streams at no CPU cost, e.g. surveillance streams coming from an AXIS P1428-E 4K-IP-camera.

2. Video-Over-IP-Distribution
Five of AG Neovo’s RX-24 professional displays crafted for 24/7 applications were fitted for a local area network to distribute top-quality video over IP at low bandwidth (~10-15 Mbps per 1080p 60fps stream) with the help of Matrox Maevex™ Encoders & Decoders and HTML5-browser-based AV network management software that runs on the VuWall TRx platform—nothing less than an essential for corporate setups of hundreds of encoder/decoder devices or nodes.

3. Multi-DisplayPresentation and Collaboration System
An AG Neovo TX-32, featuring 10-point touch for 24/7 applications and fitted with NeoV™ Touch Glass), was adopted for VuWall to showcase its latest wireless presentation system: CoScape. On the occasion at point, the AG Neovo-VuWall collaboration was supported by a Matrox C680 graphics card and a Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture and IP Decoder card. All sources were controlled easily through the HTML5-browser-based software running on one of AG Neovo’s most popular multitouch displays.

4. QX-series Debut
Making their debut at this event were two of AG Neovo’s QX-32 UHD-displays—featuring NeoV™ Optical Glass and metal case and intended for 24/7 applications—that were used to play back encoded UHD-stream from the new Matrox Mura IPX 4K IP PCI Express x8 cards.

Committed to delivering a full spectrum of products designed specifically for professional A/V solutions, AG Neovo will continue to strive for a wider range of solution-based cooperation in the days ahead. That all 50 visitors to the latest joint presentation expressed optimism over new business opportunities makes a solid case for AG Neovo, Matrox Graphics, and VuWall to introduce similar customer service initiatives in other German, Austrian and Swiss cities in 2017.