AG Neovo Upgrades X-15P with Extra Versatility, Durability


AG Neovo, a premium global brand for professional displays, is excited to introduce the newly upgraded X-15P.AG Neovo, a premium global brand for professional displays, is excited to introduce the newly upgraded X-15P. A proud member of the best-selling X-series displays, it is now even more versatile and durable than its predecessor and rightly makes a worthy display choice for all kinds of multiuser settings, from homes to offices and public places.

Crafted with both function and form in mind, the X-15P features a sophisticated look that rarely goes unnoticed but never seems so obtrusive as to detract attention from or clash with its intended setting. In place of the conventional mechanical buttons prone to wear and tear are more durable touch sensor control keys. As such, the display not only enjoys a longer life span but also takes on a sleek, modern look. Moreover, the removable display stand provides users with greater flexibility in installing the display.

The newly enhanced X-15P is meant to both last and perform; hence its durable metal casing and seamless edge-to-edge NeoV™ Optical Glass of up to 9H. This meticulously protective design prevents the X-15P from the ingression of water and dust and guards it against vandalism, thereby ensuring its reliable performance in harsh environmental conditions and protracted usage day in and day out. After all, there is no understating the importance of 24/7 functionality to the various demanding settings that the X-15P is most likely to serve.

Also setting the X-15P apart from peers are its stringently selected components and exact integration of hardware and software. With a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the display easily delivers an impressive level of picture clarity and colour performance. Incorporating the latest image processing engine and other innovations, AG Neovo’s Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology enables the X-15P to go beyond and offer the friendly visual experience. Given its built-in video support, multiple input options, and two stereo speakers, the X-15P can enhance users’ audio-visual pleasure even further.

Environmentally conscious users will be delighted to find the X-15P a display contributing to their cause. Among its wide array of eco-minded features is a built-in EcoSmart Sensor that constantly monitors ambient lighting; automatic adjustment of display brightness, in turn, helps optimise energy efficiency.

“The X-15P is a multitasking display that promises to serve any multiuser public environment while blending in perfectly,” says Jessica Shih, AG Neovo Product Manager. “The positive feedback we have received from users around the world attests to its versatility and durability.”