AG Neovo Debuts SX-15P for 24/7 Security, Industrial Settings


AG Neovo is delighted to announce the addition of the SX-15P to its premium family of security and surveillance displays.AG Neovo is delighted to announce the addition of the SX-15P to its premium family of security and surveillance displays. Crafted meticulously to endure the most demanding environment while delivering crisply clear images without latency, it is intended for especially exacting applications: security surveillance, monitoring at control centres, and industrial uses.

Coming with multiple connectivity options, BNC passive looping and power DC-out as well as fully integrated system design, the SX-15P allows users to take full advantage of its potential for supporting other devices or peripherals. Of particular importance to this display designed for nonstop operation is its built-in EcoSmart Sensor that monitors ambient lighting at all times; automatic adjustment of display brightness, in turn, helps optimise energy efficiency. Promising a user-friendly experience in both installation and operation, the SX-15P is well-suited for seamless integration with and transition to more advanced systems.

When it comes to display applications, the security industry is oftentimes more demanding than other sectors in terms of both performance and durability. Designed with this in mind, the SX-15P is intended as a definitive display for security and surveillance environments throughout.

On top of its versatility in terms of multipoint viewing and flexible monitoring, the SX-15P incorporates AG Neovo’s Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology that integrates 3D comb filter/deinterlace, noise reduction, PIP, and PBP capabilities. Also in the spotlight is the Anti-Burn-In™ technology that has proven utterly essential to security monitors called upon to display fixed images for long hours on end.

As noted above, the SX-15P is built not only to perform but also to last. Its tough metal casing is meant to ensure that the display does precisely that. This armour of protection can both guard the display against any accidental collision and help with heat dissipation.

Moreover, NeoV™ Optical Glass—a kind of specially formulated and reinforced glass with multilayer coating—gives the SX-15P an exceptional resistance to impact and thus further protects the panel against physical damage. This is the case even as its anti-scratch surface of up to 9H and superior transmittance provides nearly perfect brightness.

“The SX-15P is a durable, versatile, high performance display designed specifically for 24/7 applications,” says Sharon Huang, AG Neovo product manager. “Considering both product performance and durability, it rightly makes a compelling choice for security, industrial, and other rigorous applications.”