AG Neovo Offers One Display to Double the Impact


Multitasking can be easily done by adopting AG Neovo DF-55, a dual-screen, all-in-one display, to get across two sets of images and messages at the same time.AG Neovo is proud to announce the debut of its DF-55, a dual-screen, super-slim display that is designed for advertising and messaging in indoor public places. Users are accorded the possibility of displaying separately delivered content on the two divided screens simultaneously.

On top of its crafted profile as slim as 23.4 mm, this 55” all-in-one display comes with FHD resolution, 450 nits of brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio enable the DF-55 to deliver crisp images, and thus serve a gamut of indoor settings: convention centres, public transport hubs like airports and bus/train/subway stations, casinos, shopping malls, convenience stores and supermarkets, etc.

As is only appropriate for its dual-display capability, the DF-55 is fitted with two industry standard HDMI inputs for connecting media players. Extra user flexibility is made available thanks to its free standing capability and movable floor stand on removable casters.

As a further consideration for the display’s primary mission of serving public places, it also features an MVA panel that provides a maximal range of viewing angles. Besides, safety and durability both deserve as top considerations for displays meant for public settings, the DF-55 is shielded by its durable metal housing from constant exposure to circumstances where people come and go all the time.

“Multitasking can be easily done by adopting a dual-screen, all-in-one display,” says Steve Wang, AG Neovo Product Manager. “AG Neovo has come up with just exactly such a versatile solution—operators of all kinds of indoor public environments can use the DF-55 to get across two sets of images and messages at the same time.”