AG Neovo Debuts TX-22 Touch Display for Public Places


Crafted with P-cap technology, the TX-22 is a multi-touch display that not only looks great wherever it is to be assigned but also does a great touch job with sensitivity and precision.AG Neovo, a premium brand name of professional displays, is proud to introduce the TX-22, a multi-touch, bezel-free display built on state-of-the-art projected capacitive technology to serve public and interactive environments and endure whatever tests they may have to offer.

Setting a new standard for touch solutions, projected capacitive (P-cap) technology is highly praised for many of its outstanding features. Exceeding most touch technologies, it increases optical clarity and enhances touch precision. Its glass construction provides not only scratch resistance and extra ruggedness but also the possibility of flush-mounting the screen, making it the ideal choice for premium touch monitors.

Incorporating the most advanced touch technology, the TX-22 comes with a true flat surface with a glass overlay, offering an invitingly modern appeal that fits virtually every environment. The glass overlay protects the screen from scratches and ensures product durability. With the front panel of the display rated IP-54, the TX-22 is effectively protected against the ingress of dust and splashing liquid, a common risk in such demanding public places as hospital, museums, libraries and school labs.

Set apart from other touch monitors, the TX-22 is suitable even in semi-outdoor settings as the display’s touch sensitivity and accuracy is not affected by sunlight or spotlight. Above all, with Windows® 7 and 8 compatibility, the TX-22 delivers an incredibly smooth and precise dual touch experience.

Even on the drawing board, AG Neovo keeps in mind user comfort in human-machine interaction—an element all the important in touch displays. The TX-22’s tilting, for instance, is ergonomically adjustable between –5 and 90 degrees. With a highly flexible tilt range, the space-saving display is easy to install and readily fits whatever environment it is intended for.

Coming with LED backlighting, the TX-22 offers more than just full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Thanks to its IPS panel, the display delivers consistent and accurate colour that is discernible from all viewing angles. The TX-22 is built to persist as well as perform. Besides meticulous assembly of rigorously selected components, its durable metal housing and rugged base design guarantee sustainability as well as strength.

Smartphones and tablets have ushered in a brand new world of touch. The keyboard and mouse are increasingly sidelined as people can now touch-control their displays with ease and precision. “Crafted with P-cap technology, the TX-22 is a multi-touch display that not only looks great wherever it is to be assigned but also does a great touch job with sensitivity and precision,” said Kyd Wang, Senior Manager of AG Neovo’s Product Management and Marketing Department. A paradigm of the new P-cap generation, the TX-22 promises to prove a great choice for those who are now considering investing in touch displays meant for public and interactive applications, from retail and hospitality to education and exhibition.

Product Specifications TX-22

Panel Size 21.5”

Touch Technology Projected Capacitive

Brightness 250 cd/m² (Typical)

Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (Typical)

Viewing Angle (H/V) 178°/178° (Typical)

Display Resolution FHD 1920x1080

Input Signal VGA, DVI

Response Time 7 ms (GTG)

Net Dimension 528 x 347 x 214 mm (20.8” x 13.7” x 8.4”)

Net Weight 6.7 kg (14.7 lbs)