AG Neovo displays used in emergency response truck debuted at Expo Seguridad 2012, Mexico


AG Neovo, committed to slaking the eternal thirst of professionals for top-of-the-line imaging equipment.AG Neovo, committed to slaking the eternal thirst of professionals for top-of-the-line imaging equipment, is proud to announce that Mexican security and telecomms integrator TSN has debuted a mobile command control centre truck which features high-specification display units from AG Neovo.

The C26 truck was unveiled at Expo Seguridad 2012 in Mexico City where visitors saw the vehicle’s ability to use radio, satellite and telecommunications to give responders the information they need to make life-saving decisions at emergency scenes. AG Neovo displays are generally used in the kind of demanding, harsh environments in which the TSN truck will operate. The truck is benefiting from three AG Neovo product lines, the SX-Series, RX-Series and TX-Series, which have an integrated image enhancer working from the company’s Advanced Image Platform™. The enhancer reproduces CCTV images at resolutions of up to 625/PAL (620/NTSC) TV lines and quality is further improved by Anti-Burn-in™ protection against ghost imaging.

Detail in video feeds from CCTV cameras surrounding the TSN truck can make a life or death difference at disaster sites. The C26 vehicle operators also need to see footage transmitted to them over networks in order to increase their situational awareness and improve decision-making. The AG Neovo displays are assisting in this by providing total communications interoperability through versatile connectivity. Equipment for such an environment must be extremely robust. The AG Neovo SX-19P and RX-W22 displays have a metal casing while many competitive products use plastic, and it features edge-to-edge NeoV™ protective lass which can defend the screen from the impact of a 227g free-falling steel ball from a height of 200cm.

Users of the TSN truck particularly appreciate the advanced optical touch technology of the AG Neovo TX-W42 display which can be activated with a gloved hand and is proving invaluable as rescue team members communicate with base. Crews on long operations also appreciate the energy efficiency of the TX-W42 and SX-19P which are powered by the truck’s 120V diesel generator and 110V battery bank.

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, TSN have a 20-year record in the security and telecommunications sector. The C26 communications and control unit truck will assist security response and rescue forces in emergency and disaster operations as well as providing logistical support at special outdoor events. TSN prides itself on developing specialised solutions in close consultation with clients from the start of the design process. Products range from the C26 truck described here to light vehicles including motorcycles. The quality and optimized power requirements of the AG Neovo displays allow the crew to operate 24/7 and make quick decisions in emergency situations with maximum information.