AG Neovo, Antony Morato Cross Paths in Defining Quality


AG Neovo and Antony Morato, both preferred brand names in their respective fields, have something in common.AG Neovo and Antony Morato, both preferred brand names in their respective fields, have something in common. Both deliver a high standard of product quality and durability that comes with an aesthetic touch uniquely of their own.

A sleek AG Neovo surveillance display is a beauty in itself—a pleasant addition to whatever surroundings it’s assigned to.

Precisely such a fine machine takes centre stage in the closed CCTV system installed at the four boutiques of Antony Morato, an Italian brand name that takes pride in three decades of experience in fashion, in Amsterdam. Aside from its trendy appearance, the AG Neovo display is chosen mainly for an exceptional capacity for intensive use over long periods.

Targeting males between 18 and 35, Antony Morato aims to present a lifestyle rather than cater to the whim that simply anything “being trendy” will do. Above all, the consumer is given an opportunity to make a purchase that truly corresponds to his own expectations of quality and style.

AG Neovo shares the Italian fashion boutique’s commitment to striking a balance between quality and durability. It is able to conduct surveillance at Antony Morato’s shops in an elegant fashion because, like its patron, it excels in a seamless combination of function and form.

Don’t be fooled by its chic exterior as every AG Neovo surveillance display is built to both perform and last. Drawing on industrial-grade metal casing design and other rigorously selected components, the displays are meticulously crafted inside and outside to ensure their staying—faithfully and expertly—on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

AG Neovo welcomes Antony Morato to join numerous professional users around the world who have made the same choice: a display solution that conforms to the highest standards in performance and durability. Overwhelmed with gratitude for this trust, AG Neovo will build on what it has achieved and come up with a wider variety of innovative displays that customers everywhere can count on.