AG Neovo Makes Ultimate Choice of Audio-Visual Designers/Producers


AG Neovo deserves to be their ultimate choice as its displays come in to be of timely help as it can make things much easier and more efficient for AV specialists.Nowadays audio-visual designers and producers are meticulous about aesthetics as much as functionality when they seek out their instruments and tools. With hundreds of accolades from both media and industry for their superior design and performance, AG Neovo’s fine displays have every justification to be recognized as the choice of these professionals and others who work in multi-user and public environments.

“AV specialists are about the most demanding people about displays anywhere,” notes Jack Yu, Director of Sales and Marketing Department of AG Neovo Europe. “AG Neovo deserves to be their ultimate choice as its displays come in to be of timely help as it can make things much easier and more efficient for AV specialists.”

Increasingly AV designers and producers are called upon to incorporate a vast diversity of elements into one single solution for a setting plan where people can gather for meetings; for intuitive technology that augments the speed and efficiency of the decision-making process; for maximising the security and flexibility of furnishings. These include such standalone devices as presentation desks, digital signage consoles and mobile LCD supports, as well as in-wall information systems complete with audio-visual applications and software support now in widespread use at shopping centres, amusement parks, universities, public transport systems, hotels, etc.

AG Neovo’s meticulously crafted display devices stand out as a natural choice for any environment where design is the name of the game. Two of its display series walked away with the prestigious iF award for product design. Naturally this aesthetic appeal adds to the irresistible flair of a boutique with nothing but designer items on its shelves.

As anyone familiar with stainless steel design must appreciate, AG Neovo’s rugged metal housing design will prove a big help to AV designers throughout their design process. Furthermore, AG Neovo’s proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass—the industry’s most trusted hard glass technology—is anti-reflection and provides extra protection to public users.

AG Neovo also takes pride in other innovative features that further enhance the performance of its displays and offer them added protection. The Advanced Image Platform™ incorporates the latest image processing technology for optimised image quality and flexible image viewer options. It provides the PIP function for multipoint viewing, and the 180° rotation makes possible inverted installation of the display.

Eco-friendly design is yet another essential feature that characterises AG Neovo’s display devices. Among other energy-saving application possibilities, the “EcoSmart Sensor” allows comprehensive automatic brightness adjustment as the ambient lighting dictates. Power and cost savings are maximised for public signage environments where 24-hour operations seven days a week are the norm.