AG Neovo Launches New Generation of SX-Series Professional Surveillance Displays


Given a wide array of newly added features, the upgraded SX-Series make the smartest choice for security people charged with the duty of surveillance.Security surveillance has long been a key application driving the display industry. Building on a solid track record accumulated in this sphere over the years, AG Neovo has reinvented its SX-Series LCD displays that are designed specifically for environmental surveillance and security applications.

Incorporating AG Neovo’s latest image processing engine, the Advanced Image Platform is at the core of the SX-Series for their optimised image quality and flexible image viewer options. Furthermore, the Built-in Image Enhancer is capable of resolving cross colouring and dot crawl in high bandwidth transmission, and helping generate more precise noise reduction with less motion blurring artifacts. As such, the SX-Series are set to deliver the most satisfying clarity to even the most demanding security environments.

“Security professionals deserve the best and that is precisely what AG Neovo is delivering,” notes Richard Chen, Vice President of AG Neovo’s Product and Service Management. “Given a wide array of newly added features, the upgraded SX-Series make the smartest choice for security people charged with the duty of surveillance.”

The Built-in Image Enhancer of the SX-Series—SX-17P and SX-19P—is able to reproduce CCTV images faithfully at a high resolution of 625/PAL (600/NTSC) TV lines. Meanwhile, a combination of excellent black levels and great dark matter detailing within gray scales makes possible a superb picture for the human eye.

Additionally, the Smart Omni Viewer provides PIP and PAP functions for multipoint surveillance purposes, as well as screen freeze for closer monitoring. Inverted installation of the displays is made an option thanks to their capacity for 180° rotation.

AG Neovo is fully aware of the need for surveillance displays to both last and perform. Alongside rugged metal housing design, the SX-Series are made of its proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass—the industry’s most trusted hard glass technology designed specifically to protect displays in multi-user and public environments. Furthermore, AG Neovo’s upgraded Anti-Burn-in™ technology proves an effective antidote to the image-sticking problem, a hassle not uncommon to monitors supposed to stay on over protracted periods of time.

Another essential feature of the new SX-Series is their eco-friendly design. With power consumption slashed by up to a third (vs. conventional security monitors), cost savings are maximised for security environments where 24-hour operations seven days a week are the norm. Among other energy-saving application possibilities, the “EcoSmart Sensor” allows comprehensive automatic brightness adjustment as the ambient lighting dictates.

Last but not least, the SX-Series provide security professionals with other useful new features such as touchable sensor control keypads that allow convenient access to OSD; DC-out design that powers such connected security peripherals as CCTV cameras; and capacity for supporting a wide range of video timing—480i/p, 576i/p, 720i/p, and as high as 1080i/p—to work with various video equipment.

Product Specifications SX-19P SX-17P

Panel Size 19.0” (482 mm) 17.0” (432 mm)

Max. Resolution SXGA 1280x1024 SXGA 1280x1024

Pixel Pitch 0.294 mm 0.264 mm

Brightness 250cd/m² (Typical) 250cd/m² (Typical)

Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (Typical) 1000:1 (Typical)

Viewing Angle (H/V) 160°/160° (Typical) 170°/160° (Typical)

Response Time 6.5ms (GTG) 6.5ms (GTG)

TV Lines 600 TVL (NTSC),
625 TVL (PAL) 600 TVL (NTSC),
625 TVL (PAL)

Frequency (H/V) H: 24 KHz – 82 KHz
V: 50 Hz – 85 Hz H: 24 KHz – 82 KHz
V: 50 Hz – 85 Hz

Display Colour 16.7M 16.7M