AG Neovo Displays Accord Dental Clinics Friendliness, Efficiency


AG Neovo's ability to come up with a full range of products that specifically satisfy different market segments has been key to its hard-earned success in the display market.Nowadays dental clinics make every effort to ensure that theirs appears as soothing as can be—that patients feel at home rather than daunted. AG Neovo, a supplier of LCD displays and accessories serving both professionals and consumers, is here to play a role in helping create a pleasant experience shared by patients and their dentists.

Dentists are also taking advantage of the latest in today's digital world to advance dental care and patient education. With the help of AG Neovo displays, dental professionals worldwide can attain not only friendlier but also more efficient environments for everyone.

"AG Neovo's ability to come up with a full range of products that specifically satisfy different market segments has been key to its hard-earned success in the display market," notes Richard Chen, Vice President of AG Neovo's Product Management "This market-specific strategy is rightfully illustrated by its offering tailor-made models specifically for dental clinics."

The aesthetically appealing E-Series displays are commonly assigned to the forefront at a modern dental clinic—its reception or consultation room. In addition to helping with patient registration, they are a dutiful medium for presenting education videos to new patients while their dental histories are being processed. Also, dentists can show patients "before and after" images to illustrate what their teeth will look like after a planned procedure.

For the office and lab, AG Neovo recommends the X-Series displays. The high-resolution X-20 renders detailed images, X-rays and 3D graphics critical to successful diagnosis and treatment. Such high-performance dental imaging must also prove handy when dentists need to share patient data with colleagues and other specialists.

When it comes to the treatment room, the DR-17 is a natural choice for clinics that will spare no funds in the latest dental technology--from ceramic injection molding and digital X-rays to intra-oral cameras. Its superior rendition of a 3D image of a damaged tooth allows the dentist and patient sitting in the chair to discuss restoration right then and there. The display, with its sleek and slim metal housing, stands out as a perfect addition to a dental clinic both in function and form.

To justify its intended use in a medical environment, the DR-17 certainly meets and even exceeds the most stringent safety and environmental standards. These include the EN60601-1 medical certification, CE certification, and WEEE designation for eco-friendly product design.

All of AG Neovo's displays meant for medical professionals are built to last—with the help of its proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass technology. Resistant to scratch, water and impact, this best-in-class hard glass protection shields the panel from repetitive touching or whatever undesirable incidents, and makes disinfection between patients easy and safe.

"Professionals from all walks of life, dentists included, are well-justified to ask for displays that deliver performance as well as appearance," Chen says. "As a professional that knows what professionals want, AG Neovo proudly guarantees a professionally satisfying experience--for dentist and patient alike--against a fairly delightful setting."