AG Neovo Makes NeoV™ Optical Glass to Excel and Last


AG Neovo has come a long way toward building a brand name trusted by professionals all around.Professionalism is not something one can randomly profess. As a professional supplier of LCD displays and accessories, AG Neovo has accumulated a wealth of innovations and product offerings to back up that reputation. High on the list is no other than its proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass technology.

NeoV™ Optical Glass is a cutting-edge technology that AG Neovo incorporates into the front bezel of its displays, to enhance display quality and hence viewing comfort. The multi-coated glass delivers vibrant, rich colours and crystal-clear image definition. Ultimate clarity is attained and eye fatigue is largely reduced.

"AG Neovo has come a long way toward building a brand name trusted by professionals all around," notes Kyd Wang, Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing. "NeoV™ Optical Glass is definitely a key to this hard-earned status in a fiercely contested market."

An LCD display featuring NeoV™ Optical Glass is built to last. In stark contrast with its conventional counterpart, which is generally soft and can be easily damaged, the hardened exterior of NeoV™ Optical Glass is highly durable and scratch-resistant. It effectively protects the delicate internal LCD panel from physical damage.

Aided by NeoV™ Optical Glass, the LCD panel’s added strength makes it three times as hard as a typical LCD monitor, and that much more scratch-resistant. This exceptional hardness protects the panel from dirt, repetitive touching or other objects that can damage its fragile membrane.

Not only has AG Neovo taken the lead to craft this extra-protective glass for making LCD displays, but it has applied the expertise to a complete range of products in all available sizes. This technological prowess is a pride with origins virtually as early as AG Neovo's launch into the industry.

"NeoV™ Optical Glass is a solid footing on which to build products to excel in both performance and durability," Wang says. "It is ideally suited for environments with the most demanding requirements - museums, schools, trade exhibitions, just to name a few."

Reflection on a glass surface tends to cause eye discomfort and even headache. The multi-layer coating of NeoV™ Optical Glass can minimize reflection and thus enhance viewing comfort.

A typical piece of glass offers a 91% transmittance rate. With a rate of close to 98%, NeoV™ Optical Glass makes possible a nearly perfect brightness for the panel.

Last but not least, an LCD display built from NeoV™ Optical Glass is easy to clean. Thanks to its anti-acid and anti-alkali coating, the panel can be easily cleansed with water, alcohol or other cleaning solutions without losing its optical characteristics.