AG Neovo E-W19, E-W22 Displays Offer High-Contrast Widescreen Images


Different users – either the average consumer or more sophisticated users – must have different needs.Nowadays, computer monitors are increasingly required to do more than just what their intended use implies; they must be equally competent for multimedia and entertainment purposes. AG Neovo, a leading supplier of LCD displays and accessories, has risen to the occasion with its E-W19 and E-W22 displays.

The linchpin to E-W19 and E-W22 widescreen displays rising above the par is their embedded capability for presenting a superior DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio). It is a gauge of the luminosity of the brightest and darkest colours a monitor can produce when displaying a changing picture over time.

"When a particular portion of an image is supposed to be dark, it will be unequivocally dark," notes Kyd Wang, Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing. "Likewise, white areas will be convincingly white."

DCR plays a big part in significantly enhancing the contrast ratio when pictures sweep across the screen in quick succession. With this function switched on, E-W19 and E-W22 can provide a contrast ratio as high as 3000:1. In addition to displaying HD games and movies, they are perfect for multimedia editing and graphic design.

Pragmatism built into an elegant appearance is at the centre of AG Neovo’s long-held philosophy in making displays. Fully worthy of today's widescreen era, both E-W19 and E-W22 are more than just a medium of work and entertainment. They easily stand out as a superb aesthetic addition to the living room and office.

"Against a crowd of me-too's already thronging the market, AG Neovo is keen on creating a unique breed of widescreen displays," Wang says. "They are designed to fully meet user requirements, be it in function or form."

E-W19 and E-W22 are geared primarily toward the education and retail segments of the market. Especially suitable for schools, labs, call centres, and kiosk information bulletins, they are equally competent for general office use and home entertainment.

Displays installed at such public venues certainly require exceptional strength and resistance to scratch. Both E-W19 and E-W22 are equipped with a hardened glass exterior of AG Neovo's proprietary NeoVTM Optical Glass, protecting their delicate internal LCD panel from physical damage that is a constant threat to other conventional monitors.

They certainly have more to offer: dual digital and analogue inputs and integrated stereo speakers with a headphone jack. Last but not least, both are built with a HDCP capacity for displaying HD-format video and other DVI/HDMI-compliant digital content.

Product Specifications E-W19 E-W22
Panel Panel Type TFT LCD TFT LCD
Panel Size 19.0" (481mm) 22.0" (559mm)
Max. Resolution WXGA 1440 x 900 WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050
Pixel Pitch 0.285mm 0.282mm
Brightness 380cd/m2 300cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 3000:1 (DCR) 3000:1 (DCR)
Response Time 3ms (GTG) 3ms (GTG)
Input Analog D-Sub D-Sub
Digital DVI-D DVI-D
Audio Speaker 2W x 2 2W x 2