AG Neovo Offers SX-Series as Choice Displays for Security Surveillance


Different users – either the average consumer or more sophisticated users – must have different needs.Security is a key use for displays. AG Neovo, committed to serving individual consumers as well as professional users, has built a solid track record in this sphere. Its SX-Series LCD displays are specifically designed for environmental surveillance and security applications.

To be recognised as a preferred choice of security professionals, a display must offer such essentials as clear image, multiple connections, quick signal-switching, and extra resistance to damage from constant use. The SX-Series, available in 19", 17", and 15" models, has been crafted precisely to give all that.

"Different users – either the average consumer or more sophisticated users – must have different needs," notes Jack Yu, Sales and Marketing Director of AG Neovo EMEA. "By putting ourselves in the shoes of users, we have striven to come up with tailor-made displays intended for specific purposes in specific environments."

The SX-Series displays are perfect for monitoring public and private domains such as airports, shopping malls, and other security-sensitive areas. Their most readily recognisable feature is certainly their capacity for delivering a distinctly clear image and providing high-resolution (1280x1024) pictures. Above all, they have been tuned for rapid signal-switching (<0.8 sec.) between frames, effectively ensuring a rapid but smooth succession of images.

AG Neovo's environment-specific strategy has paid off. The SX-Series has been a common choice for a good number of institutions in many parts of the world to meet their sophisticated needs: The CCTV-based automobile monitoring system in the U.K., the CCTV Center Security Show in Spain, the emergency service cars of the Thames Valley Police in the U.K., and the Wanganui Prison Security Control Centre in New Zealand.

"Security surveillance has long been a key source for the display industry to grow revenue and diversify their customer base," Yu says. "Our SX-Series displays have proven a rewarding choice for the most demanding professionals in this area."

Based on specific working environments or surveillance needs, a combination of different security products can be looped together for a fully integrated solution. As such, customers need not worry about undermining the image performance of the displays.

Another pride of the SX-Series displays is the cutting-edge NeoVTM Optical Glass. The proprietary multi-coated optic filter designed into the front bezel of the display helps enhance the display quality, durability, and viewing comfort, and protect the screen from damage. Moreover, their metal housing provides an extra level of protection against impact and thus extends product durability even further. For pricing and availability of the SX-Series displays, please visit the AG Neovo distributor in your area.

Product Specifications SX-19 SX-17 SX-15
Panel Size 19.0" (483mm) 17.0" (432mm) 15.0" (381mm)
Max. Resolution SXGA 1280 x 1024 SXGA 1280 x 1024 XGA 1024 x 768
Pixel Pitch 0.294mm 0.264mm 0.297mm
Brightness 300cd/m2 (Typical) 300cd/m2 (Typical) 400cd/m2 (Typical)
Contrast Ratio 700:1 (Typical) 800:1 (Typical) 500:1 (Typical)
Viewing Angle (H/V) 150o/135o (Typical) 160o/160o (Typical) 145o/125o (Typical)
Response Time 4ms (GTG) 3ms (GTG) 8ms (GTG)
Panel Life Time 50,000hrs
(Typical) 50,000hrs (Minimum) 30,000hrs (Minimum)
Input Signal Analogue, Digital, BNC Security Analogue, Digital, BNC Security Analogue, Digital, BNC Security
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.