AG Neovo Offers Widescreen Security Surveillance LCD Displays


Security surveillance is definitely a key application for the display industry that has continued to grow and diversify.As widescreen has come to dominate displays for all applications imaginable, AG Neovo has built on a solid track record and added the feature to its offerings for security surveillance. Its RX-Series LCD displays are ideally suited for security-sensitive areas in public spaces, such as retail shops, shopping malls, and schools.

"Security surveillance is definitely a key application for the display industry that has continued to grow and diversify," notes Jack Yu, Sales and Marketing Director of AG Neovo EMEA. "To all the demanding professionals in the area, we make this solemn pledge that the new displays carrying the trusted AG Neovo brand are precisely what they need to get the job done right."

The extremely thin bezels of the RX-Series, available in 19”W and 22”W models, make great business sense. Measuring just 14 mm on both the top and sides, they form a seamless view when multi-displays are configured. Further, the metal-alloy housing enhances the strength of displays against impact and in turn makes them more durable.

More than anything else, displays installed at public venues certainly require exceptional strength and resistance to scratch. Both RX-Series widescreen displays are equipped with a hardened glass exterior of AG Neovo's proprietary NeoV Optical GlassTM, protecting their delicate internal LCD panel from physical damage that is a constant threat to other conventional displays.

The RX-Series displays offer high-end features not commonly found in their peers, such as a unique burn-in prevention function designed to better secure your investment. This feature is meant to prevent the "image-sticking (burn-in) problem that tends to emerge when a typical surveillance LCD display keeps showing fixed or semi-fixed images for an extended period of time.

"Slim and compact, our elegantly crafted RX-Series are perfect for public display at security kiosks, department store counters, and reception desks," Yu says. "In a similar vein, store owners can use them as real-time bulletin boards to entice customers to their products and services."

Digital bulletin boards have been increasingly recognised by the retail industry as an effective platform for getting across to customers. Thanks to their split-screen format, the RX-Series displays can readily double as a real-time platform for store owners to promote products and services while performing the surveillance task simultaneously.

While they come in a widescreen format, the displays are fully compatible with conventional 4:3 signals that still dominate the security surveillance industry. Further, both displays can be configured using a wide range of video connections and selectable signal sources, including analogue, digital, and BNC. Both colour and black and white signals are supported, and the displays are compatible with NTSC/PAL/SECAM and PC/Mac protocols.

Other notable features include 1680 x 1050 resolution with a contrast ratio of 900:1 and quick signal-switching time (≤0.8 second) between frames. They also provide unrivalled clarity and viewing-scope for security surveillance video output from either a single source or from multiple cameras on a split-screen.

For pricing and availability of the RX-W19 and RX-W22, please visit the AG Neovo distributor in your area.

Product Specifications RX-W19 RX-W22
Panel Panel Type TFT LCD TFT LCD
Panel Size 19.0" (481mm) 22.0" (559mm)
Max. Resolution WXGA+ 1440 x 900 WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 900:1
Viewing Angle (H/V) 170o/160o (Typical) 170o/160o (Typical)
Response Time 5ms (GTG) 5ms (GTG)
Input Analog 15-Pin D-Sub 15-Pin D-Sub
Digital 24-Pin DVI-D 24-Pin DVI-D