AG Neovo's FotoVivo Puts On Slideshow At Your Fingertip


The FotoVivo is an ideal medium for sharing treasured memories and touching moments with your loved ones.Want to treat yourself to a nonstop slideshow of your loved ones and memorable places at home and the workplace? The FotoVivo, an elegantly-crafted digital photo frame from AG Neovo, is set to make possible such a daily delight in this digitised era of ours.

"The FotoVivo is an ideal medium for sharing treasured memories and touching moments with your loved ones," notes Kyd Wang, Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing Department. "It is a special item perfect for creating a special corner in the house."

"By putting on display your carefully selected personal albums, you are making a graceful expression of yourself," Wang says. "You may or may not have taken the pictures yourself, but you really want to share them with your family and friends."

Featuring high-pixel density and life-like display quality, the FotoVivo is fitted with a user-friendly interface allowing for convenient use. Button-less browsing of photos is made possible by the plug-and-play device's in-front "Touch Screen" control mode. One is free to choose displaying pictures in either real size or full-screen size on the 7-inch wide-screen LCD display.

With no extra software installation required, it is fitted with slots for easy and quick reading of photos from most memory cards (CF/MD/SD/MMC/MS). Whatever the format, a slideshow of the stored pictures automatically starts upon insertion of the card. A mini USB connector is also available for data transferring or downloading from PCs.

Given its intelligent viewing mode, the FotoVivo allows for displaying single photos and slideshows by random or in sequence. There are also choices of multiple transition effects and adjustable interval time. Brightness of the device is adjustable to accommodate ambient lighting conditions.

Such a neat device is definitely a great choice as a gift for general purposes and on special occasions like Christmas and Valentine's Day. People who are not savvy enough and usually feel daunted by over-sophisticated IT devices must be happy to receive such a special present.

Scheduled to hit the market on November 15, the first product from FotoVivo—V-10 will carry a retail price tag of US$229.