New AG Neovo P-Series LCD Display Wins Global iF Award And Multimedia Experts' Praise


The P-17 competed against 2,000 products from 37 countries and won the 2006 "iF Product Design Award", the industry's premium design award.AG Neovo, a leading provider of LCD displays for the professional and consumer marketplace, launched its new flagship P-Series at the beginning of 2006. The P-Series is designed for power users who want a display with both advanced digital multimedia features, and an award-winning design. For the first-time, every multimedia function can be found in a single display. Highlighting its difference, the P-17 competed against 2,000 products from 37 countries and won the 2006 "iF Product Design Award", the industry’s premium design award.

The display is shaped like a wave, and centers around a harmonious flowing design. "Unlike traditional monitors, the screen of P-Series is supported by a smooth-curved aluminum base rather than by an arm and a base," explains Daniel Koo, Design Director of P-Series. "The focus point of this monitor is the screen merging into the base with a continued line, preserving a single-body look."

The P-Series merges form with function. What makes it more unique is that it cleverly incorporates or 'hides' its advanced technology into the fluid design. The base can fold against the rear cover into a tight package to save space and also to allow wall mounting without removing the base. The controls are veiled behind the speaker mesh, activated by LED on demand when approached. The user does not view the switch when the monitor is off. This gives a clean and neat external appearance.

The display was also given to industry professionals worldwide to test for one month. "Most unique is the S-Video and CVBS ports that allow you to plug your video recorder or camera directly into your monitor," explains Larry Lok, Executive Creative Director of a leading multimedia agency. "In addition, you get power 3D sound with a heart-stopping subwoofer which you hardly find on other monitors." The P-Series also features 4 USB 2.0 ports as well as a microphone and headphone jack, so customers no longer need to reach behind their computers to plug in peripherals.

"The P-Series is perfect for today’s demanding multimedia applications. In a market that is increasingly being filled with me-too LCDs, AG Neovo has consciously come up with a flagship display that is superior in all areas," says Kyd Wang, International Brand Manager of AG Neovo.

The P-17 features a leading 4ms response time, crisp 500:1 contrast ratio, high 300 nits brightness and is completely DVI ready. The P-17 is also protected with NeoV Optical Glass in front of the LCD display, making it 200% stronger than a conventional monitor. AG Neovo will also soon expand the range with a 19-inch display, the P-19.