Large Format Displays | Commercial Displays

A Large Format Display (LFD) is an LCD screen the size above 32 inches, often used for commercial purposes to display eye-catching and dynamic content like advertising, information, and real-time messages to attract and engage with customers and visitors. The LFD is ideal for digital signage solutions in retail shops, hospitality, and corporate environments.

Different industries require different larger sizes LCD displays or monitors for various digital signage applications. Some need wide-screen format digital displays, while some require vertical or slim commercial displays due to the field-site environment limits, still, some industries require double-sided LCD screens for more commercial promotion visibility. Selecting the optimal large screens has become a crucial task for related businesses.

A Complete Line for Digital Signage Solutions

Designed for professional business applications with high performance and functionality, AG Neovo’s large format display series fulfills everything that all industries need. We have a complete product line ranging in sizes, functionality and features; users find it easy to select the optimal commercial displays for the specific digital signage applications, such as communication information, advertising signage, security surveillance, video walls, retail shop, or other public commercial promotion use. Also, AG Neovo incorporates premium-grade panels and innovative technologies, offering commercial displays with high efficiency and durability.
Complete large format display Product Lines for meeting room, retail shop and lobby.

AG Neovo large format displays range from 32 inches to 98 inches.

Screen Sizes Ranging from 32'' to 98''

AG Neovo provides various screen sizes for different digital signage applications: users can easily select the ideal screens in different sizes from 32 to 98 inches with 4K Ultra HD or Full HD resolution, dual-sided and freestanding digital displays are also available for users to deploy them in different positions, maximizing the application profit with lower cost.

AG Neovo large format displays range from 32 inches to 98 inches.

Android OS and Cloud-based Content Management System

With Android OS embedded into the large format display, you can easily integrate apps from a variety of supported Android apps. For additional convenience, you are able to assign the app or preloaded LAN-based CMS as a video source to enhance the flexibility of your digital signage application. Using the integrated HTML5 browser, you can display online or cloud-based content. Through the cloud-based content management system, you can create and schedule digital signage campaigns, manage devices, and update content via a browser no matter where you are via its intuitive interface without any technical skills. 

*Android OS and cloud-based content management are limited to specific models.

AG Neovo large format display is 24/7 long duration operation

Non-stop Digital Signage Operations

AG Neovo offers large format displays with high quality, ensuring a reliable and robust non-stop operation for various applications. This is particularly important for some solutions that require 24x7 continuous system uptime, and the applications that are often deployed in harsh environments.

AG Neovo large format display is 700 nits high brightness, can be placed in bus stop.

High Brightness Panel

The large format displays offer pristine images that maximize visibility, making videos shown on the screens stand out in any digital signage setting. The 700 nits high brightness ensure life-like visuals, all complemented by a 178-degree viewing angle that delivers superior clarity images even in a semi-outdoor environment with ambient light. 

AG Neovo large format display features 4K UHD resolution.

4K Clear and Detailed Image Presentation

Don’t miss a single detail with this powerful 4K/UHD commercial display. View smooth 4K video and images with a new level of detail and clarity. Offering 8.3 million pixels, the large format display provides the ultimate digital signage experience.

AG Neovo Freestanding and wall mounted  large format displays in hotel lobby.

Freestanding and Wall Mounting

In addition to wall-mounted installation, AG Neovo offers freestanding large format displays with movable floor stands on removable casters for convenient mobility. Tempered glass on the front that stretches from top to base, a strong metal casing, and a safe and secure locking back cover make the freestanding large format display suitable for public settings while ensuring data protection.

AG Neovo large format display offers slim bezel for video walls.

Slim Bezel Design and Video Wall Support

AG Neovo’s large format displays come with a slim bezel design that essentially minimises the display frame gap so that several LCD displays can be integrated seamlessly as a whole. This is particularly useful for applications where LCD video walls are required, and information broadcasting is easily accessible, enhancing the visual experience of viewers.

A customer is using AG Neovo multi-touch large format display in the shopping mall.

Multi-touch for Interactive Digital Signage

AG Neovo also provides large format displays with multi-touch functionality, allowing users to interact with your dynamic content and creating engagement with your customers.

AG Neovo large format display can be controlled by PID Command & Ctrl Software

PID Command & Ctrl Software

PID Command & Ctrl is a display management software that allows users to control AG Neovo large format displays via LAN or RS232 connections. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for remote management, OSD-related settings, and easy control on deployed commercial displays. It also can be used to create video walls within minutes and assist system integrators with setting up displays.