AG Neovo LCD Display Is Chosen For Splendid Atomium Restoration In Brussels


AG Neovo, a leading provider of LCD displays for the professional and consumer marketplace, becomes the monitor manufacturer of choice in Brussels with the installation of 16 of their foremost X-20 flat panels into the newly renovated Atomium building.

First constructed for the Universal Exhibition in Brussels in 1958, the Atomium is one of the European capital’s most famous building structures.

As the great people of Brussels entered the new millennium, it became obvious that in order to preserve the spirit of this monument, a thorough renovation and technology update was in order. When the Atomium reopened in January, after a 5-year 23-million-Euro endeavor, the public found the spheres of this once again brilliant structure containing sleek lined information kiosks armed with the prominent AG Neovo X-20 monitors.

"We found the AG Neovo product line to be remarkably innovative and stylish; moreover, with the strong glass covered panel and metal casing, this monitor seems obviously built to withstand the number of people that will be visiting the Atomium," says Philippe Chewy, Managing Director of De Pinxi, the supplier of Atomium restoration project.

The AG Neovo X-20 monitors are placed in 16 locations throughout the Atomium structure, so that visitors can conveniently interact to gather information regarding the sites history, state of the art building materials, innovative installations, and the great people who pioneered Atomium concept and saw this 5-year renovation project through.

"It was absolutely wonderful to see that the people driving this amazing project found the X-20 to be a perfect fit for their requirement," says Maggie Chao, CEO of AG Neovo Europe. "This magnificent structure is a monument to the late innovator Andre Waterkeyn, who conceived it, and we are proud to be part of the preservation of his innovative spirit."

The X-20 is part of AG Neovo's smart looking high-end X-Series and features multiple input options, a sturdy design, and top of the line performance. The unit is equipped with NeoV Optical Glass technology, which is a specially formulated, hardened optical filter that is built on top of the internal LCD panel to dramatically enhance image quality and protect the screen from damage.