Interactive Flat Panel Displays & Multi-touch Displays

What Are Interactive Displays?

The interactive displays are using multi-touch panels as the platforms, enabling users to access and interact with the contents directly on the screens by fingers or styluses from internal onboard CPU or external connection to computing devices, including:

  • Interactive Flat Panel Displays with Android Platform
  • Multi-touch Monitors and Displays with the connection to external PC


Interactive flat panel display and multi-touch display have recently become the main industry where it requires direct and interactive contact between users and the displays. It needs a highly sensitive and reliable interactive panel for the media to perform the command and requires advanced technical knowledge to provide the reliability product to increase communication performance and efficiency.

AG Neovo offers different kinds of interactive displays, including interactive flat panel display and interactive monitor with multi-touch screen for meeting room, classroom, or any kinds of business requirements, like kiosk, POS, industrial, etc. , to meet various interactive display solutions with high performance.

All-in-one Interactive Flat Panel Display

By partnering with unique software partners for content sharing and advanced collaboration, AG Neovo’s all-in-one meeting & collaboration interactive display solution, Meetboard™ IFP-Series interactive flat panel display ranging from 65’’, 75’’ to 86’’, offers all the tools needed for presenting, collaborating and sharing ideas right out-of-the-box.

A lady is using  a stylus pointing to AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display in the meeting

Start an Interactive Meeting with One-Touch

With embedded Android OS platform, the Meetboard interactive flat panel display upgrades the conference meeting to an interactive environment without the needs of external PC. Integrated with various applications, including the Meetboard whiteboarding app, wireless mirroring app, WPS office app, Emailing etc, Meetboard interactive flat panel display helps the user start a clutter-free and interactive meeting environment with one-touch.

A Man and a women are using styluses annotating on AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display

Interactive and Engaging

With the latest interactive touch screen technology, the interactive flat panel display with multi-touch allows multiple users to annotate, draw and interact with fingers or styluses directly on the touch screen for group discussion.

A man is presenting powerpoint in front of AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display in the meeting

An Interactive Platform for Collaboration

Integrated with various apps and versatile connectivity, the interactive flat panel display is able to collect diverse ideas in a more efficient way, no matter from wireless mirroring from mobile devices, loading files from cloud drive or from external USB drives, the interactive flat panel display becomes an interactive platform to collaborate all ideas.

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display supports QR code scan and save, cloud drives and email function.

An Interactive Hub for Results Sharing

The interactive flat panel display also offers different ways to save or share the meeting results via saving to cloud drive, to personal mobile devices or USB drives. Also, the presentation files can be delivered to all attendants through embedded Email app at the same time.

Multi-Touch Interactive Display & Monitor

Built with the most advanced touch technology, AG Neovo’s multi-touch interactive monitor and display serve as the crucial media to create a highly-efficient interactive scenario for education or industrial professionals. The model with large panel size, such as 42 inches, is also available, accelerating the interactive efficiency for information broadcasting and operation.

More than just a display, these multi-touch interactive display and monitor can be easily integrated into the existing system, helping to construct the application system with lower cost. This is specifically useful for the applications that require a direct and immediate operation on the screen; for example, Point-of-sale (POS), information monitor display, and even the medical system all require touch display for operation efficiency. With AG Neovo’s superior quality, these touch displays are the outstanding selection for bringing the excellent experience for all users.

AG Neovo multi-touch interactive display features tilt ergonomic function.

Maximal Multi-user Comfort

With the 15 to 22-inch tilt capacity, AG Neovo provides the multi-touch interactive display with the accuracy, precision, and sensitivity. Users can use these touch interactive displays in different angles, and find it a simple and efficient tool to improve their performance.

AG Neovo multi-touch interactive display features tempered touch glass, and metal casing.

High Reliability

Specifically crafted for continuous use in public settings, AG Neovo’s multi-touch interactive display has implemented the metal construction paired with 7H tempered glass* to provide a high-level of scratch resistance, durability and easy maintenance for high-traffic usage. Besides, the Anti-Burn-in™ technology* makes it possible to prevent image ghosting even after lengthy operation in commercial environments.

AG Neovo multi-touch interactive display is IP65-grade design for dust and water proof.

IP65-grade Design

These multi-touch interactive displays come with the IP65 rated for the front-side design, and the 15 to 22-inch displays are protected screens from liquid splash and dust, ensuring a highly reliable operation and an ideal solution in the harsh environments.