AG Neovo's X-Series Displays Help Illustrate Science at Europe’s Best Lab


Last November, London Metropolitan University's new world-class Science Centre, a £30 million teaching facility, made news headlines across the United Kingdom. AG Neovo, a leading supplier of LCD displays and accessories, was excited to be part of the excitement.

AG Neovo made a presence at the largest-ever single investment in university level science education through its X-Series LCD displays, installed at the Super Lab of the centre in Holloway, north London, which offers unparalleled facilities for teaching and research.

State-of-the-art equipment for interactive teaching is what one will naturally expect of the Super Lab. Its facilities, including 280 workstations fitted with AG Neovo's X-Series displays, allow tutors to digitally record science experiments and their results conducted by classes. These will then be made available to future students via online streaming.

"It is both a great honour and pleasure that our X-Series displays have a role to play in making possible such a cutting-edge experience of learning science," notes Jack Yu, Director of Sales and Marketing of AG Neovo Europe. "It is only fitting that one of the best monitors available in the market has been adopted by the best lab in Europe."

One overwhelming determinant that the X-Series displays have made their way to this exquisite academic institution is that their exceptional strength and resistance to scratch make it a perfect choice. In addition to superior performance, the exceptional durability of the X-Series displays certainly makes them second to none for places like schools that must attach great consequence to their assets required to endure frequent use by multiple users.

"We are particularly excited to get involved in a project of such magnitude and nature, for we are earnest about getting recognised in the education market as well," says Alistair McCloy, AG Neovo's Sales Director in the U.K. "The Super Lab has proven that our NeoV displays are perfectly suitable for hugely demanding places like labs."

In addition to aluminium and magnesium alloy housing, the X-Series displays feature a hardened glass exterior - AG Neovo's proprietary NeoV Optical GlassTM. Its superior anti-reflective, scratch-proof capability accords not only viewing comfort over a long period of time but also protection of the monitor against alien materials not uncommon in a lab.

Made for those who accept only the best out of their displays, the X-Series displays are really the ultimate choice for creative artists, stockbrokers and other professionals – people for whom displays are simply an indispensable part in their line of work.

Readily catering to various applications, the X-Series displays come with desk-, arm-, or wall-mounted flexibility. With other worthy features including superb colour definition and image sharpness, they are available in a complete range of sizes -- X-15, X-17, X-19 and X-20.