AG Neovo Offers E-17 LCD Display for Multi-User Public Settings


Looking great and getting the job done can certainly go hand in hand. To top it off, it can be built to last. That is precisely the philosophy AG Neovo, which supplies LCD displays and accessories to consumers as well as professionals, follows from drawing board to production lines before its displays reach customers.

The E-17, an LCD display with a smart combination of aesthetic appeal, multimedia features and durability designed specifically for multi-user public settings, stands out as a testament to the company's equal emphasis on function and form.

AG Neovo's special care and hard work pays off. "We did not go for AG Neovo's E-17 without a shred of doubt back in 2004," said Jean Victor Lodewijckx, project manager at Thorbecke Scholen Gemeenschap, a high school in the Netherlands. "But four years of experience has proven our choice a wise one."

The E-17 is a perfect choice for public display because, first of all, the machine suffices as an aesthetic addition to the place it is meant for. Further, it is protected with NeoV™ Optical Glass that protects the display from scratches, accidents and incidental damage.

When making their shopping list, Lodewijckx's superiors were a little held back by the E-17's dearer price tag than other monitors. The first batch of E-17s was delivered to the school only after the technician convinced them that the proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass would make all the difference and be worth an extra buck.

Starting out with 50 E-17s in 2004, the Dutch high school now has a total array of 200 such worthy displays on campus. Totally satisfied with their investment that has turned in a superior value for price, school administrators have made it a priority that all the CRT monitors in the educational department of the school will be replaced by the E-17 or its successor in due course.

"I made it clear from the very beginning that I would not support cheaper options due to maintenance and repair concerns," said Lodewijckx who works at a school attended by adolescents aging from 11 to 18. "Vandalism, after all, is a fact of life in a place like this."

A feature-rich, high-resolution 17" LCD display, the E-17 is well-suited for classrooms, libraries, small office/home office environments or retail spaces requiring multimedia displays with distinctive modern design. Built-in speakers provide crisp sound for multimedia interaction, and an easy-access headphone jack offers convenient independent listening.

"Over the years, we have been sharing user feedbacks with our customers around the world," notes Kyd Wang, Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing. "We believe feedbacks from Mr. Lodewijckx and other users will encourage many more to take one step further and become part of the AG Neovo experience."

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