Limburgs Museum Makes AG Neovo X-Series a Part of Limburg's Past, Present and Future


AG Neovo, the display choice of professionals around the world, is proud to be part of the hit new historical exhibition, "This Village, I Remember How it Was..." at the prestigious Limburgs Museum in Venlo, the Netherlands. Twenty-two X-Series displays, including 4 X-W22s, 6 X-20s and 12 X-19s are used throughout the exhibition for a variety of purposes, including video playback, signage, computer monitor and more.

"That the Limburgs Museum chose AG Neovo for their centrepiece exhibition is a testament to the quality, versatility and design of the X-Series displays," says Kyd Wang, Sales and Marketing Deputy Director of AG Neovo EMEA. "No other monitor can compare to the features we offer."

The sleek, understated design of the X-Series is a perfect fit for the modern architecture of the Limburgs Museum. With a slim, yet sturdy metal black frame and a seamless edge-to-edge layer of NeoV™ Optical Glass, the X-Series displays possess a sophisticated and professional look that rarely goes unnoticed, but never detracts or clashes with the surrounding decor.

Floris de Jonge, multimedia specialist and assistant curator at the museum, agrees. "The modern design of the AG Neovo displays ensured that they did not need to be covered up. We were able to just install them and they complemented the environment perfectly."

The exhibition centres on a series of ultra rare photographs depicting life in rural Limburg nearly 100 years ago. As part of an ambitious effort to raise the levels of interaction and participation of patrons, the durability and versatility of the X-Series allowed the curators to design an exhibit that would fully engage visitors without worrying about damaged equipment or cumbersome add-ons. In fact, according to de Jonge, the robustness and wide range of applications has ensured that long after this exhibition itself is in the past, AG Neovo displays will continue to be used for the centrepiece exhibitions in the museum's future.