AG Neovo X-19 Display Sheds Light on Prehistoric Cave in Belgium


AG Neovo, a leading supplier of LCD displays and accessories, has made a due presence at the famous Caves of Han-sur-Lesse in Belgium, one of the world’s best-known prehistoric grottoes. The X-19 display is made available on the site to help visitors get a quick preview of the grotto before actually moving on to admire the underground wonderland.

In the heart of Lesse Valley to the southeast of Brussels buried deep in a mountain are the Caves of Han, also known as Grottes de Han. This cave was formed when the erosive action of the Lesse River carved out a path for itself through the limestone rock dating back to the Paleozoic Era -- 360 million years ago. Every year more than 500,000 visitors find their way to this picturesque little village and visit this gigantic calcareous cave system.

"It is both a great honor and pleasure that our X-19 has a role to play in making possible a more enriching experience for those who come to appreciate the Caves of Han," notes Kyd Wang, Deputy Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing Department. "X-19 is right on your fingertips for learning more about this archaeological treasure, one of Mother Earth's most awe-inspiring legacies from long before man set foot on this planet."

A total of six X-19 displays are installed at the Grottes of Han-sur-Lesse, making readily accessible all the information and tips visitors may want to get hold of before their tour begins. X-19’s superb color definition and image sharpness makes it an ideal medium to give them an exciting multimedia peek minutes before the real fun starts.

Given its purpose for public display at this world-renowned tourist attraction, exceptional strength and resistance to scratch are high on the list of X-19's noteworthy features to make it a perfect choice for such applications. In addition to aluminum and magnesium alloy housing, the hardened glass exterior of its NeoV Optical Glass protects the delicate internal LCD panel from physical damage commonly seen on other conventional displays.

Easy to use and flexible in installation, X-19 allows for analog, digital, S-Video, and CVBS inputs and offers options including either a VESA-compatible LCD display arm or wall mount. AG Neovo's X-series -- meant for those who want nothing but the best in performance -- also includes X-15, X-17, and X-20.