AG Neovo Displays: Reliable Partner in Performing Arts


Stage management is as crucial to a live performance as the rendition of the artist. When it comes to displays for monitoring and controlling the process, AG Neovo stands ready to provide stage administrators and all the staff involved with the instruments they need to ensure a smoothly executed performance to the last detail.

With this prerequisite shared by every stage administrator in mind, AG Neovo has come up with an effective display solution that will help them take up—and beat—the challenge.

Mr. Hoogervorst, General Director of WHE Inc.

AG Neovo's special display solution is meant exclusively for art directors, A/V controllers and lighting technicians whose foremost responsibility is to make sure that every performance of opera, ballet, drama and every rock concert progresses smoothly from start to finish. More than anything else, they are designed specifically to play a central part in maximising and synchronising backstage support.

"Not the slightest error is to be allowed for a live performance on the stage," notes Mr. Hoogervorst, General Director of WHE Inc., a Netherlands-based system installer of musical theatres business. "With this prerequisite shared by every stage administrator in mind, AG Neovo has come up with an effective display solution that will help them take up—and beat—the challenge." WHE had purchased total 29 units of professional displays from its RX-Series, SX-Series and X-Series product line for musical hall projects in Amsterdam.

On some occasions, the screens of monitors used in backstage support may be required to become dark instantly, just like a blackout—the sudden extinguishment of all stage lights in a theatre—intended either to mark the end of an act or scene or to produce a dramatic effect. With a built-in capacity precisely for these crucial moments, AG Neovo's displays intended for the performing arts community can automatically switch to the blackout mode in a split second.

By blackout, AG Neovo means utter blackness. There is no overstating how much this seemingly insignificant but actually crucial breakthrough matters to stage administrators. To date, AG Neovo's display solution helps to eliminate the inherent tendency of LCD displays to exhibit lingering traces of panel backlight even in the absence of any incoming video signal.

Precision in timing often dictates the success of a stage performance. Designed to synchronize all relevant elements seamlessly, AG Neovo's displays will help stage administrators or theatre managers stay on cue. While everything is supposed to be live, AG Neovo sees to it that its displays present every video signal on a real-time basis without any delay.

As has been AG Neovo's proud tradition, its displays intended for backstage support are built to both last and perform. Sturdy metal housing and the proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass make them an excellent choice for administrators and technicians who invariably need to move their equipment around and often have to modify stage settings from one venue to the next.