AG Neovo Displays Serve Kaohsiung International Airport


AG Neovo has played a crucial role in keeping many public transport systems around the globe run smoothly and safely. The latest addition to its clientele in this sector is Kaohsiung International Airport, the second-largest international airport in Taiwan.

The PN-46D proves a totally fitting choice to give Kaohsiung International Airport a modern and professional look.

Allan Hsu, Sales Manager of AG Neovo Taiwan

As Taiwan’s national gateway in the southern part of the country, Kaohsiung International Airport knows it must keep up an equally deserving image. To this end, it has ushered in premium LCD displays from AG Neovo to construct video walls for flight information, doing away with increasingly outdated rear projection displays.

A total of 42 units of AG Neovo’s PN-46D are installed to form four video walls at the airport. Intended to display arrival and departure schedules and other flight information, two four-by-three video walls are placed at the information desks of two leading airlines; two of a three-by-three configuration are placed at the departure hall.

The PN-46D has been chosen for good reason. To serve public settings like airports, displays need to be of premium quality and be trusted to keep the incidence of malfunction to a minimum. Displays meant for such applications invariably stay on duty for long periods of time, and glitches are the last thing operators want to cope with too frequently. What’s more, even a single display going out of order easily stands out on a video wall.

Crafted precisely for 24/7 operations, the PN-46D is built with a 10-bit premium-grade MVA panel and other rigorously selected components. Further bolstering its nonstop operability are metal casing and AG Neovo’s proprietary Anti-Burn-in™ technology that helps prevent burnt-in images.

The PN-46D is designed not only to last long but also to look good. A virtually non-existent bezel-to-bezel width, or rather narrowness, makes it an ideal video wall component. Moreover, the LED-backlit display comes with a 450 nits brightness that suffices to accord it an exceptional competence in creating airport bulletin boards and serving other indoor purposes.

“The PN-46D proves a totally fitting choice to give Kaohsiung International Airport a modern and professional look,” says Allan Hsu, Sales Manager of AG Neovo Taiwan. “The super narrow bezel display promises to do the same—configuring neat and competent video walls—in other public transport hubs, control rooms, shopping malls, and the like.”