AG Neovo Displays Help Metros Run Smoothly


Metros serve hundreds of millions in modern metropolises. AG Neovo, a premium choice of display professionals around the world, is happy to help these public transport systems work smoothly. Be it in Asia or in Europe, its security/surveillance displays are in place to ensure a pleasant ride for everyone, passengers and operators alike.

In South Yorkshire, the U.K., a number of RX-W32s are installed at Rotherham Central railway station where they provide waiting passengers with a constantly updated timetable. Installed for security and surveillance purposes, an array of SX-19Ps has found its way into the Taipei Metro Xinyi Line’s service centre. Meanwhile, these fine displays are complemented by the RX-W32s to help conductors monitor passengers getting on and off the trains.

As the latest two installations illustrate, AG Neovo is recognised as the favourite choice for metro/public transport environments for good reason. Built to both perform and last, the RX- and SX-Series displays are crafted specifically for 24/7 applications all year round. In order to stand up to the toughest requirements of round-the-clock operations, these displays come with solid metal casing and edge-to-edge NeoV™ Optical Glass. Not only resistant to scratch and impact damage, this best-in-class hard glass shields the panel from dust and moisture ingression. This virtue is all the more valuable as trains speeding by readily bring forth fine dust that tends to harm electronic components over time.

AG Neovo is proud to have won more cherished additions to a long list of professional users worldwide. The Taipei Metro Xinyi Line and Rotherham Central further attest to AG Neovo’s being the shared top choice of displays for those at the top of their professions. The choice is well justified as these displays set a par of their own for quality, performance and durability.