AG Neovo Displays Help Monitor F1 Racing in Shanghai


AG Neovo is happy to have its displays become an integral part of the annual Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix that made its debut in 2004. The RX-24 and SP-84 have recently been installed at the venue for the closely watched event—the Shanghai International Circuit—whose track layout was inspired by the Chinese character "shang" or "上", the first character in the name of the city Shanghai, meaning "high" or "ascend."

Trust is the decisive factor behind Shanghai F1’s choice of AG Neovo displays.

Jerry Chen, Sales Director of AG Neovo China

In the central control room of the Shanghai International Circuit, Asia’s largest, there are now a total of 56 units of RX-24 and two units of SP-84. A 5 x 10 video wall of RX-24s is configured to relay the images captured by 50 Axis outdoor surveillance cameras installed along the track. Six other RX-24s are installed on the working table for technicians to operate the surveillance cameras. For their part, the two SP-84s, which are among AG Neovo’s latest 4K offerings, are placed on each side of the video wall to show large-screen images whenever needed.

For Formula 1, there is no room for even the slightest error. On top of resolution, systematic compatibility, and durability considerations, professionals in the Shanghai control room require displays they can trust. AG Neovo has won that trust by accumulating a solid track record of serving a great many benchmark projects just three years after its launch into the Chinese market. Moreover, its wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai has established a well-rounded maintenance and repairs network across China’s first- and second-tier cities.

At the Shanghai International Circuit, AG Neovo and Axis make a nice pair that offers a robust outdoor surveillance solution throughout. AG Neovo’s Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology enables the RX-24 and SP-84 to reproduce colours, contrast, and details with an exceptional fidelity. Other common features shared by the two displays include Anti-Burn-in™ technology that helps prevent ghosting and renders real-time images as well as metal casing that maximises product life span.

Coming with an EcoSmart Sensor that minimises power consumption by automatically adjusting backlight, the RX-24 is a powerful, expertly fit for Shanghai F1 given its capacity for capturing the slightest image variations of a moving target. Moreover, its capability to bring out subtle gradations within gray scales will prove of extraordinary use when the day turns cloudy or foggy.

“Trust is the decisive factor behind Shanghai F1’s choice of AG Neovo displays,” says Jerry Chen, Sales Director of AG Neovo China. “Combined, all the proprietary features—Anti-Burn-in™, NeoV™ Optical Glass, AIP, and metal casing—elicit customer satisfaction as the displays meet and exceed expectations on their performance in such a demanding environment.”