Professional Safety Displays in a Parking Garage in Bern, Switzerland


As is generally known, it is essential that parking garages use highly professional video technology to protect people and property. This is also shown in the following statement on the control station of the parking garage of the hospital “Inselspital“ in Bern, which uses resilient monitor technology by AG Neovo.

The “Inselspital” in Bern is a large university hospital with approximately 8,000 employees, enjoying an excellent international reputation. Its parking garage is 10.000m2 in size and occupies 12 basement floors. Jürg Schmid of Insel Parking holds responsibility for monitoring this huge area from his workplace. This is a huge challenge and can only be handled with the most modern monitoring technology. In 2013, it was decided that the out-dated purely analogue system be replaced by a new and trendsetting digital video system.

The company Teleinformatik Services AG from Zurich was found as a partner for establishing an overall solution after an intensive selection process. The partner guaranteed technical, legal, strategic know-how as well as the ability to provide a pragmatic and efficient solution. The project was executed in 2014. A new infrastructure was created that involved network wiring, the installation of 56 HD-IP cameras and the establishment of a control station including recording and management systems inside which also applies 4 units of RX-32 displays by AG Neovo.

The challenging provisions of this large-area parking garage with narrow and poorly observable spaces could thus be managed. The high requirements concerning investment safety and possible expansion show themselves, for example, in the displays chosen. The RX-32 display is designed for constant 24/7 operation, but what’s more it provides a great range of connection types. During the replacement process, the existing analogue cameras could still provide great images through the BNC connections, after the transition to digital system, the split screen images will be transmitted through DVI and HDMI connections to 32“ Full HD displays with energy-efficient LED backlighting.

The AG Neovo RX-32 is not only equipped with cutting-edge technology, but also highly durable thanks to its patented NeoV™ Optical Glass protection and metal casing. These features enable the daily usage continuously in the narrow control station and allow easy-cleaning. Jürg Schmid was especially content with the fact that the glass presents advantages with regard to image presentation. The NeoV™ Optical Glass technology enables the glass to exhibit a higher transmittance and present more solid and clearer images.

Moreover, image contrast and brightness are enhanced which increase operator viewing comfort.

Also the patented Anti-Burn-in™ technology by AG Neovo plays a significant role in the project. In particular when viewing the static images for hours on end during the night, the burn-in effect, so-called “ghost images”, may occur with conventional LCD displays as a consequence of electrostatic charge; however, the phenomenon is avoided by AG Neovo’s Anti-Burn-in™ technology.

Mr. Claude Arnold of Teleinformatik made it clear in his final report that everyone involved in the project and the end-customers are satisfied with AG Neovo’s long-term product life time. It means that necessary future extension and design changes in the control station will not be a difficult issue. His choice from the distributor’s catalogue, AG Neovo’s RX-32 display, will remain unchanged.

Mr. Schmid gave these closing words: ”Due to the new monitoring situation in the parking garage, the whole security team is sleeping well.” Surely only during their time off…