Steel Manufacturing Safety with AG Neovo


Hardly any industry can make it without steel: construction, automotive, medical, railway, aviation, shipping, and the recycling or security industry. Today there are 2,500 kinds of steel and Germany is ranked 7th among the steel-producing countries worldwide. A major steel producer in Europe is Salzgitter AG, whose flat steel area provides around 8,000 jobs.

To ensure nonstop operations all year round, it's ideal for our task to be equipped with AG Neovo's robust, high-quality performance, high contrast and resolution monitors to display moving images.

Andreas Kath, Project and Team Leader, TELCAT Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

The production areas of Salzgitter AG are largely automated but cannot function without human intervention. Safety of both man and machines is therefore highly relevant. As such, the "safety technology" division of TELCAT Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is entrusted with the technical solution and system support for many years. Focus is placed on the CCTV systems installed to monitor production processes and areas that are off-limits to humans.

A permanent challenge for TELCAT project and team leader Andreas Kath as well as his team is to operate systems required to run reliably 24/7 all year round. Accordingly, all components will be tested and evaluated before being put to use.

For such projects TELCAT Kommunikationstechnik GmbH offers a full range of services to make sure operators to work safely, such as individual system planning, configuration, assembly, installation, maintenance, user training, operation, remote management, and 24/7 emergency services. Various control stations—partly or fully equipped with IP technology—are charged with the task of video surveillance at the Salzgitter plant, and for other purposes there are hybrid and analogue systems as well. A common feature of these systems is the use of professional displays made by AG Neovo.

Andreas Kath explains why TELCAT has relied on AG Neovo’s professional displays for all these years, "To ensure nonstop operations all year round, it's ideal for our task to be equipped with AG Neovo's robust, high-quality performance, high contrast and resolution monitors to display moving images, a feat made possible by its almost non-glare NeoV™ optical glass as a protective filter and Anti-Burn-in™ technology."

An array of AG Neovo's SX- and RX-series displays previously set up in the plant is still reliably in use today. Currently three control stations are equipped with four RX-32 displays respectively. Various camera signals are integrated via hybrid video servers to support automation system and are presented on multiple displays.

Thanks to the AG Neovo displays, challenging requirements of large-scale manufacturing facilities, often tight and messy places, can be met and the high demands over investment in security are readily fulfilled. The RX-32 not only is designed for 24/7 operations but also features a wide range of connectivity options. Thus, even during the installation phase the existing analogue camera signals are able to deliver excellent images via BNC connectors. Moreover, the images shown in split-screen mode are transmitted via DVI and HDMI connections to the 32" full-HD displays with energy-saving LED backlight.

On top of outstanding technical specifications, AG Neovo’s RX-series displays come with exceptional robustness thanks to their metal housing and patented NeoV™ optical glass protection, in turn rendering cleaning of the control room relatively easy. Andreas Kath is particularly pleased with the significant advantages in image representation this filter glass provides. NeoV™ technology prevents a direct reflection of ambient light on the panel and thus enhances display brightness and contrast significantly, thereby bringing a noticeable increase in viewing comfort.

As mentioned above, AG Neovo's patented Anti-Burn-in™ technology plays an important role in this project. Some areas in the factory can be idle for hours, during which time the displayed images remain unchanged. Conventional screens then tend to exhibit the dreaded burn-in effect due to continuous static electricity; static images remain as "ghosting" on the screen. AG Neovo's Anti-Burn-in™ technology is able to minimise this phenomenon effectively.

If system enhancements are called for in various control centres in the days ahead, they will not be undertaken alongside any undesirable design change. As a time-proven contributor that helps ensure system stability over the long term, the RX-32 stands out as a choice display both in function and style.