AG Neovo Helps Security Control at Leipzig Trade Fair


“MM,” logo of the Leipzig Trade Fair adopted in 1917, stands for “Muster-Messe,” or fair for sample goods. Now a global practice, this fairly modern fair concept became reality over two decades earlier, in 1895, in Leipzig.

We’re much pleased with this video wall made up of AG Neovo’s displays as they give us little reason to worry.

Eric Altstädt, Project Manager, PKE Deutschland GmbH

A well-planned security mechanism is utterly crucial for an exhibition centre with five exhibition halls, 111,000 m² of exhibition space, 70,000 m² of open area, and approximately 1.2 million visitors to around 150 events, exhibitions, and conventions per year. In 2015, an optimization and expansion project was completed to further ensure the security of people and goods on the fairground. Taking centre stage is the configuration of video camera images at the control centre, where operation ease, superior visibility, and multiple storage options are given top priority.

Preparations began early in 2013. System integrator PKE Deutschland GmbH was charged with implementing a new hybrid video security framework that integrated its in-house video management system “Avasys” with a video wall. And now an elegant casing design that covers a surface of some 2.5 m² offers the largest possible and spatially adjusted display area to accommodate 15 video workstations and display video output from 15 new Axis IP cameras assigned to clearly defined areas and transmitted through 55 analogue channels via an encoder.

For PKE project manager Eric Altstädt, ensuring system reliability in a 24/7 setting is a constant challenge. Smooth operation with the need for maintenance kept to a minimum is a priority requirement of the fair administration and hence a daily objective of PKE. All components and devices, including AG Neovo’s four PN-46 video wall displays, were thus tested and evaluated meticulously before being put to use.

AG Neovo’s product line-up has long been known for extended life cycles, professional target groups, and consistent B2B market orientation. When it comes to video wall settings, AG Neovo’s exclusive product properties bring operators and integrators the highest possible operating comfort and reliability. The PN-46 features an industrial-grade, 700 cd/m² high-brightness Full HD LED panel and comes with a mere 5.4 mm (image-to-image) cumulative frame to ensure optimal viewing comfort. Combined, the capacity for 24/7 operations of all components as well as its patented Anti-Burn-In™ technology, heat control sensor, and robust metal casing make a powerful display that far exceeds requirements and expectations.

Given the PN-46’s UniWallTM feature, the PKE team can easily tie the Avasys system’s powerful processor in with the complete video wall matrix. AG Neovo’s Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology, in turn, is especially useful for displaying moving images. Moreover, the PN-46’s noise reduction, de-interlacing, and 3D comb filter can further help present clear images, from either IP cameras or analogue sources.

“To guarantee 24/7 operations, we’re happy to have this robust and extraordinary design: ultra-narrow frame, high-contrast, and high-resolution video image display, and Anti-Burn-In™ technology intended specifically to prevent image sticking,” says Eric Altstädt of PKE. “We’re much pleased with this video wall made up of AG Neovo’s displays as they give us little reason to worry.”