AG Neovo LA & LH Series Displays: A Supreme Viewing Experience

“LA-/LH- Series displays offer eye comfort design which allows for daily usage without straining the eyes.”

- Kevin Shih, AG Neovo Project Manager

Comfortably ergonomic, satisfyingly customizable, the AG Neovo LA- and LH-Series desktop displays are the supreme choice for your viewing needs. Whether for work or for home, users looking for a display should look no further than the LA- and LH-Series desktop displays.

Ergonomic and Comfortable, Great for Extended Use

Displays can be taxing for the eyes, especially when they are used for extended amounts of time. But with the AG Neovo LA- and LH-Series desktop displays, even long-term use is easy on the eyes. The flicker-free backlight and blue light filter reduce undue strain to the eyes caused by harmful light or inconsistent picture quality, while the wide viewing angle, 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and ultra-thin bezel give the user a large viewing space and crisp images. And for video content, built-in technology reduces ghosting, blurring, and other irritating distortion of images.

Vastly Adaptable: Configure to your Specific Use Scenario

Taking the comfort of the user in mind, both display series are highly customizable to the use scenario. The LH-Series gives the user control over height (up to 100mm), tilt (-5° to 20°), pivot (0° to 90°), and swivel (± 170°), making the display highly customizable for a variety of working environments and personal preferences. It supports DisplayPort and HDMI, so there is no need to worry about your multimedia connections. And the 27” displays (LA-27 and LH-27) can be used either in stand-alone or multi-display mode, allowing them to fit into any user configuration.

All in all, says Kevin Shih, AG Neovo Project Manager, the LA-/LH- Series displays provide users with “a screen which you can’t take your eyes off.” And you will not need to, since they offer a supremely comfortable viewing experience: “LA-/LH- Series displays offer eye comfort design which allows for daily usage without straining the eyes,” says Shih.

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