AG Neovo Displays Play Role in Deep-Sea Fishing

Without competent displays on board, there is no ruling out the skipper’s misinterpretation of the data gleaned from whatever sophisticated high-tech outfits.AG Neovo, a leading supplier of security and surveillance displays, is proud to have charted new waters as premium-grade displays are increasingly called upon to serve demanding environments and applications. Its displays are now an integral part of the array of high-tech equipment aboard a Taiwanese fleet of deep-sea fishing vessels sailing to faraway oceans.

AG Neovo’s SX-19P is chosen for good reason. Out there on the high seas, it needs to withstand the ingression of moisture and salt against a frequently turbulent setting while performing its duty of displaying information. Most importantly, the duty allows no rest day or night. Durability of the display minimises the disruption of fishing operations caused by the need for any unscheduled repairs.

Rigorously selected components and meticulously designed circuitry enable the SX-19P to stand up to its task 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However harsh the sea may be, it is protected by IP22 metal casing that guards against both moisture and dust. This, in turn, is an invaluable capability that makes possible its staying on duty against wild temperature swings on the open sea where deep-sea fishing vessels often must operate months on end.

AG Neovo’s proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass technology features a special kind of double coating that offers resistance to acid or alkali erosion, further bolstering the display panel in the face of a most hostile climatic environment. Another benefit the same technology brings is a significant scaling down of display glare and reflection. This is particularly welcome for the skipper who needs to keep his eye on several displays for long hours.

Data display is easily affected when the calm of the sea is disrupted, which is more often than not. The SX-19P delivers crisp display quality as AG Neovo’s AIP (Advanced Image Platform™) technology is effective in reducing signal instability and interference. To further ensure its nonstop functionality, the display comes with Anti-Burn-in™ technology to prevent screen burn, or better known as ghosting.

To correctly trace schools of fish, the skipper makes use of radar and positioning equipment while also drawing on his years of experience at sea. Only if the displays on board present it all accurately in a reliable manner can the skipper relay to the helmsman the right route to the painstakingly identified spot.

“Without competent displays on board, there is no ruling out the skipper’s misinterpretation of the data gleaned from whatever sophisticated high-tech outfits,” says Allan Hsu, Sales Manager of AG Neovo Taiwan. “AG Neovo is happy to have readied the tools for those who want to do a good job either at sea or on land.”

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