AG Neovo Offers H-W19/H-W22 as Value Choice for Widescreen Displays

For us, performance and appearance are equally important for a display.In the rapidly changing world of personal computers, widescreen has fast taken over as the norm of displays for both desktop and lap platforms. Always on top of market demands and expectations, AG Neovo is adding to its ever-growing list of display offerings with H-W19 and H-W22, a value choice for those who have yet to migrate to the new widescreen era.

A brand new range in the product lineup of AG Neovo, a leading supplier of LCD displays and accessories catering to both professionals and consumers, the H-Series has been crafted specifically for cost-conscious users. Those who crave the best value for their money will be treated to a truly rewarding experience in viewing computer texts, graphics and videos.

"For us, performance and appearance are equally important for a display," notes Kyd Wang, Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing. "The H-Series embodies our commitment to satisfactory performance, great design and superior quality."

H-W19 and H-W22 are AG Neovo's latest additions to its widescreen fleet that also includes the E-Series – not only a pragmatic, efficient tool but also a superb aesthetic addition to office and home -- and the X-Series, tailor-made for places like labs, buses, exhibitions and other occasions of public display.

The accelerating shift of paradigm has almost become an everyday experience for the modern IT world. The scene of a cumbersome CRT monitor sitting atop the desk in either the living room or office must constitute a common memory for not so long ago. Just like the migration to LCD from CRT, AG Neovo's H-Series provides a great opportunity for upgrading to widescreen from the now-defunct 4:3 display.

Catering especially to home users, small businesses and students, H-W19 and H-W22 come with a stylishly crafted slim frame. In addition to saving desktop space, this allows a small enough gap to accommodate multi-monitor setups. Their fast 3ms gray-to-gray response time ensures smooth transitions of images and thus a pleasurable viewing experience.

When it comes to the brightness of display, both models boast a crisp 1000:1 contrast ratio that enables images to appear more vibrant against a comparatively dark background. In bright surroundings, on the other hand, colour richness is perfectly retained. Further, their high brightness of 380 cd/m2 generates lively details and presents a clear image even in brightly lit rooms.

Approved to accommodate the Windows Vista platform, H-W19 and H-W22 also come with integrated speakers, user-friendly OSD and auto-adjustment for optimal viewing. Both are wall or arm mountable.

Product Specifications H-W19 H-W22
Panel Panel Type TFT LCD TFT LCD
Panel Size 19.0" (481mm) 22.0" (559mm)
Max. Resolution WXGA+ 1440 x 900 WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050
Pixel Pitch 0.285mm 0.282mm
Brightness 380cd/m2 300cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 1000:1
Viewing Angle (H/V) 170o/160o (Typical) 170o/160o (Typical)
Response Time 3ms (GTG) 3ms (GTG)
Input Analog 15-Pin D-Sub 15-Pin D-Sub
Digital - 24-Pin DVI-D
Audio Speaker 1W x 2 2W x 2

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