4K Monitors & Displays

With the development of modern technology, requirements for high-resolution displays have become much higher than before. Users keep looking for the displays that come with detailed image quality, particularly for the applications that demand high-definition image visibility, such as commercial digital signage usage or the security and surveillance applications that require real-time and up-close monitoring of video and graphic information. Providing reliable 4K display and monitor has become crucial for product suppliers.

Ultra High Definition Brings You More Clarity

AG Neovo’s 4K resolution displays provide the clearest visual images and information; they are ideal and optimal when establishing the solution they require: from 4K monitors to large format 4K displays, screen size selections are also available from 24 to 98 inches. System integrators find it significantly suitable for the deployments in control rooms, retail shops, restaurants, and even business meeting rooms. They are even more compatible with the public applications that require detailed image presentations. With the great features and benefits that AG Neovo has to offer, these 4K displays are the ideal selection for their reliability, efficiency, and easy system integration.

AG Neovo 4K UHD displays demonstrate Clear and Detailed Image Presentation

Clear and Detailed Image Presentation

Our 4K displays provide superior image clarity, allowing users to observe the details of the image and check the accurate colours that they need. Minimising the colour gap and controlling colour accuracy has become easy with less effort. In addition, image clarity and colour accuracy are even more crucial for security and surveillance industry professionals, as they need the detailed images for security check and crime prevention.

AG Neovo 4K/UHD displays is with HDMI, Displayport and Multi input sources

Flexibility with Multi-source Connectivity

Embedded with various connectivity sources, AG Neveo’s 4K / UHD displays are the optimal solution for the applications that require different input/output media, such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, audio, and speaker. They help construct your application with ease and reduce the total cost of ownership.

AG Neovo 4K monitors and displays adopt anti-burn-in technology

Patented Anti-Burn-In Technology

AG Neovo's patented Anti-Burn-in™ technology tackles LCD monitor burn-in effect, otherwise known as a ghost image on the screen. Burn-in images result in the polarisation of the liquid crystal material contained within the TFT LCD panel. The Anti-Burn-in technology prolongs the lifetime of AG Neovo 4K monitors and displays featuring this technology to secure user’s investment.

AG Neovo 4K/ UHD display is Slim Bezel and Durable Metal Casing Design

Narrow Bezel and Durable Metal Casing Design

AG Neovo's 4K displays also come with a slim bezel design, offering a comfortable and seamless viewing experience. Also, the metal casing design ensures the product reliability and durability; it is essentially helpful for protecting the displays installed in some public places where users may repeatedly touch the displays, reducing maintenance effort and cost.