Healthcare & Clinical Display

The healthcare and clinical displays used in medical scenarios usually require flexibility and easy field-site installation. Besides, these clinical displays need to be EN/IEC 60601-1-certified, ensuring a safe medical environment for both patients and clinical professionals. Meanwhile, image clarity is also a crucial factor for bringing detailed images and visual presentations for the medical survey and accurate diagnosis. Suppliers need to use advanced technology and provide reliable displays for increasing medical accuracy and efficiency.

Reliable Displays for Medical Environment

AG Neovo’s displays used in healthcare industry provide highly consistent image clarity; this ensures that the clinic data and images are precise with highly reliable resolution, essentially facilitating the speedy and accurate medical analysis, Also, these clinical displays come with reliable design with the anti-acid and anti-alkali coating design, protecting the surface of the display from scratches and damages. Also, the multiple connectivity ports help easily integrate with the existing medical system; medical professionals find it simple to perform different tasks simultaneously. For safety concerns, these clinical displays are all EN/IEC 60601-1-certified and fit the regulation requirements, providing a safe and reliable solution for the healthcare industry.

AG Neovo medical display is Durable and Easy to clean

Durable and Easy-to-clean Design

The NeoV™ Optical Glass comes with the anti-acid and anti-alkali coating treatment, helping withstand the alcohol and other commonly used cleaning liquids. Also, the metal casing design helps protect the clinical displays from damages even when installed in harsh environments.

AG Neovo medical display is Fit to Various Medical Scenarios

Fit to Various Medical Scenarios

Users can choose some of these clinical displays that are compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard, and use PIP/PBP for multi-screen use in one screen. The white casing and ergonomically-designed stand provide the high adjustability for installing the clinical displays in various medical scenarios: desk stand, tilt, pivot, wall-mounting, ceiling-mounting, any necessary installation methods are all available. Besides, the optional handle is particularly designed for the dental environment with high flexibility and mobility.


AG Neovo medical display is EN/IEC60601-1 certified.

Safety Standard Compliance

Certified with the EN/IEC60601-1 regulation, some of these clinical displays come with a medical-grade power adaptor with DC 24V, ensuring a safe and reliable power connection with specific medical devices. This is an important consideration for creating a safe and dependable environment for a medical operation.

AG Neovo - Healthcare & Clinical Display