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Software and System Requirements
Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 and 8.1 / 10

LAN Standard TCP/IP LAN or Wireless LAN interface
RS-232 One or more RS-232 COM ports. A USB to RS-232 adapter can be used if necessary

Supported Displays
PID Command Tool supports the following AG Neovo display models:
PN-Series (PN-55H & PN-55D)
PD-Series (PD-42, PD-49 & PD-55)
PM-Series (PM-32, PM-43, PM-55 & PM-65P)
QX-Series (QX-24, QX-28, QX-32, QX-43 & QX-55)
QD-Series (QD-75, QD-84 & QD-98)
QM-Series (QM-43, QM-55, QM-65, QM-75 & QM-86)
RX-Series (RX-32E, RX-42E & RX-55E)
• VW-Series (VW-55D & VW-55H)