AG Neovo Displays Play Role in North Sea Fishing


Boy John INS 110, a 20.8m vessel built to replace its predecessor of the same name and size, incorporates the latest pair-seining, fish-handling, and propulsion technologies offered by leading suppliers in Europe. After Woodsons of Aberdeen Ltd was contracted to supply and install a comprehensive electronics package, it has proven her capabilities for more than a year in the North Sea where severe gales and other daunting conditions are all but daily routines on bad days.

Our satisfaction with them means that we simply have no hesitation about also installing AG Neovo displays on our new vessel Rosebloom.

Boy John owner and skipper Sandy McLeman

Based in the northeast of Scotland, Woodsons is dedicated to providing quality services from sales and installation to after-sales support as it aims for the preferred supply/service company for the U.K.’s fishing industry and marine oil and gas firms.

As is only to be expected, the reliability of all equipment on board Boy John hinges on their capability to withstand a hugely demanding environment while performing whatever function they are supposed to perform. This certainly holds true for electronics, displays included. On the new Boy John, over two dozens of AG Neovo’s X-series displays are responsible for showing navigation information for safe passage, fishing data and history, echosounder/fishfinder messages, radar signals, and CCTV images. Last but not least, the exquisite design of these premium displays adds a professional finish to the wheelhouse.

Woodsons chose AG Neovo displays for good reason. First and foremost, these premium displays fully meet the technical requirements of their intended setting. On top of FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution image reproduction, fast response time, and an extraordinary capacity for dimming controls, NeoV™ Optical Glass technology provides the displays with solid resistance to scratch, dust, water, and impact, thereby ensuring their viability for 24/7 operations.

To further bolster their nonstop operability, the displays are crafted with rigorously selected components and robust metal housing. Equally important is AG Neovo’s Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology that integrates 3D comb filter/deinterlace and noise reduction, thereby making possible reproduction of colours, contrast, and details with an exceptional fidelity. In addition to PIP/PBP and image rotation versatility, selectable aspect ratios for ultimate image, and black-level alignment, their EcoSmart Sensor minimises power consumption by automatically adjusting backlight.

Sandy Mcleman took delivery of Boy John at the end of 2014, have been so satisfied with AG Neovo displays that they have decided to repeat their choice on Rosebloom INS 353, a new sister ship to Boy John, whose fitting-out is now at an advanced stage of completion. Simply put, proven reliability, stylish design, and top-notch specifications justify the decision.

“Both reliable and stylish, AG Neovo displays have been a big help for us, particularly given the fact that we often have to work in extreme conditions at sea,” says Boy John owner and skipper Sandy McLeman. “Our satisfaction with them means that we simply have no hesitation about also installing AG Neovo displays on our new vessel Rosebloom.”