AG Neovo's RX-W42 Helps Taiwan Railway Serve Commuters


AG Neovo, the display choice of professionals of all professions in many parts of the world, is glad to be part of an ambitious effort to attain seamless integration of Taiwan's transportation networks. Its RX-W42—a 42" Full HD LCD display—has been charged with relaying to passengers all the information they need while making use of the first branch line linking Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSRC) to Taiwan Railways (TRA) in southern Taiwan that the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) launched in early 2011.

As a first step in a broader project, the TRA contractor has installed a total of 17 RX-W42s at four stations: Shalun, Chang Jung Christian University, Zhongzhou and Tainan. Besides commercials and other public messages, this appealing array of high-resolution LCD displays will above all keep passengers informed of real-time details regarding six arriving or departing trains at any time.

It is not the first time for TRA to adopt LCD monitors, but the choice of industrial-grade LCD displays by its long-time contractor has no precedent. An empirical lesson is that the HD monitors from other suppliers would more often than not run into trouble after doing a reasonably nice job—looking good, that is—for a short while. But staying on duty 24 hours a day all year round turned out simply too demanding.

Adapting to climatic swings is another challenge. General-purpose LCD monitors, their components and casings included, are mostly crafted to accommodate indoor applications. It makes sense to wonder if they are suitable to be installed at semi-outdoor settings like railway platforms in southern Taiwan where thermometer readings will breach 38°C on many summer days.

The RX-W42, built not only to perform but also to last, is chosen precisely to dispel those worries. Both TRA and its contractor know they can count on AG Neovo's proprietary Anti-Burn-in™ technology to prevent screen burn-in effect, or better known as ghosting, a familiar concern for LCD monitors installed in public environments where they are invariably required to display a static image over extended periods.

Coming with solid metal casing and edge-to-edge NeoV™ Optical Glass, the RX-W42 promises to stand up to the toughest requirements of round-the-clock operations. Not only resistant to scratch and impact damage, this best-in-class hard glass shields the panel from dust and moisture ingression.

AG Neovo is glad to add TRA to its long list of display users, including public transport operations in Sweden, the Arlanda Express. Their choice points to something they have in common: they will only accept display solutions conforming to the highest standards in safety and durability as well as performance.