AG Neovo's X-17s Ride Swedish Bullet Train


AG Neovo, a leading supplier of LCD displays and accessories, has evolved over the years into a ubiquitous name in both the professional and consumer segments of the market. Among the latest additions to its rapidly growing clientele is the Arlanda Express, a train-to-the-plane service connecting Stockholm with its Arlanda Airport.

To date, a total of 105 X-17s from AG Neovo's X-Series displays have been installed on trains shuttling between the Swedish capital and its airport 40 km away at a speed of up to 210 km/hr. These fine displays play a key role in putting all the information that may interest commuters and other passengers at their fingertips and in presenting other appealing multimedia contents and commercials.

"We are equally honoured and excited that our X-17 has a role to play in further enriching the train ride in Sweden," notes Jack Yu, Director of Sales and Marketing of AG Neovo Europe. "It is only fitting that one of the world’s most advanced rail services has chosen one of the best monitors available in the market."

The Arlanda Express, inaugurated in November 1999, represents a major step forward in transport and air travel in the Scandinavian country. Suddenly it was possible to get to Arlanda Airport from Stockholm Central Station comfortably in just 20 minutes. The train departs every 15 minutes, between 5.35 am and 11.35 pm daily.

Alstom Transport Ltd., based in Birmingham, the U.K., was responsible for building the streamlined express train. With its bright yellow nose, the train was specially adapted to the Arlanda-Stockholm line, with emphasis placed equally on speed, punctuality, comfort and safety. And now X-17s are added as the perfect icing on the cake.

In addition to aluminium and magnesium alloy housing, the X-Series displays feature a hardened glass exterior - AG Neovo's proprietary NeoV Optical Glass™. Its superior anti-reflective, scratch-proof capability accords not only viewing comfort over a long period of time but also protection of the monitor against alien materials not uncommon in public places like labs and trains.

Readily catering to various applications, the X-Series displays come with desk-, arm-, or wall-mounted flexibility. With other worthy features including superb colour definition and image sharpness, they are available in a complete range of sizes -- X-15, X-19, and X-20 as well as X-17.

"We are particularly excited about being made part of an ultra-modern experience in transport that epitomises a human peak in technology and engineering," Yu says. "Our displays have proven themselves an ideal choice for hugely demanding places like the Arlanda Express that is now a comfortable amenity for commuters and visitors alike."

AG Neovo's X-17 has found its way to the Arlanda Express thanks to collaboration between Medigo, a technology company that serves its clientele from the public transportation industry in making multimedia presentations including news, local info and advertising to passengers, and advertising agent Media Gruppen Stockholm.