AG Neovo Cures Image-Sticking with Anti-Burn-in™ Technology


It is AG Neovo's job as a trusted display maker to make sure that the user gets a product that meets his specific needs.Meeting clients' big diversity of needs makes all the difference in today's marketplace. AG Neovo, an established LCD display supplier serving both professionals and consumers, makes it a point to come up with the product with special features designed specifically for the intended environment.

AG Neovo's Anti-Burn-in™ technology is the jewel on the crown of its displays meant for the security surveillance industry. This feature allows the displays to withstand the image-sticking (burn-in) problem that tends to emerge when a typical surveillance LCD display keeps showing fixed or semi-fixed images for an extended period of time.

"It is AG Neovo's job as a trusted display maker to make sure that the user gets a product that meets his specific needs," notes Richard Chen, Vice President of AG Neovo's Product Management. "Burn-in has long been a headache to surveillance professionals, and now they must be happy to know there is a perfect solution for it."

Most LCD monitors installed for surveillance, POS and industrial automation purposes often require a fixed pattern, icon or the like to stay on the screen for long hours without a pause. In many cases, it means 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Under such circumstances, a phenomenon called "image sticking" or "ghost image" tends to occur on the screen when one image is switched to another. A vaguely visible residual image can still be seen at the place where it was just seconds ago.

AG Neovo's environment-specific strategy comes into play as the proprietary Anti-Burn-in™ technology is designed precisely to prevent this sticky problem from sticking out. Surveillance professionals thus get an extra guarantee of security as this unique feature of AG Neovo's displays optimises their performance at even the most demanding work place.

AG Neovo's extraordinary capacity for doing away with image-sticking also helps secure the user's investment in that the life time of the display will be prolonged accordingly. Further, in building surveillance displays meant to last and endure, AG Neovo draws on another of its in-house prides: the proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass technology.

AG Neovo's Anti-Burn-in™ technology is employed in its SX- and RX-Series of displays, both designed specifically for environmental surveillance and security applications. The SX-Series are available in 15", 17" and 19" models while the RX-Series come as 19" and 22" widescreen displays.

"In addition to this Anti-Burn-in™ feature, the SX- and RX-Series have many other worthy features to make them a rewarding choice for security surveillance and other applications," Chen says. "AG Neovo is a professional that knows what professionals want."