Security & Surveillance Monitors

As technology advances and a greater number of surveillance options become available, many security professionals are looking to reap the benefits from new display technology. While factors such as objectives, location, scale, and budget often dictate the type of display solutions adopted, qualities such as reliability, efficiency, and longevity remain mainstays in purchasing decisions for organisations.

What Makes AG Neovo Displays Great for Security and Surveillance?

AG Neovo understands that organisations have a wide variety of factors to account for when selecting the displays that they deploy for security purposes, each of which may influence the choices they make. Thus AG Neovo’s slate of security and surveillance displays is purposefully constructed to feature a multitude of options to cover the entire spectrum of needs. Professionals can then choose the display that suits them best based on their unique circumstances, confident that their choice meets AG Neovo’s signature high-performance standards.

Security SurveillanceBest in Class Protection

Best-in-Class Protection

Security displays are particular in that they entail uninterrupted usage in high-traffic locations. To deal with the stress of this type of use, AG Neovo’s security displays employ specially designed NeoV™ Optical Glass encased in a durable metal casing which provides resistance to countless types of damage, from scratching and high-velocity impact damage to environmental (water/dust) damage.

A Lifetime of Operation

A Lifetime of Operation

Given the demands of 24/7 operation over extended periods of time, each and every one of AG Neovo’s security and surveillance displays are constructed with materials and technology that ensure the excellence and efficiency expected of AG Neovo, as well as reliability that involves no drop-off in performance regardless of age.

Anti Burn in Technology

Anti-Burn In™ Technology

To counter the effects of image burn-in or “ghosting”, where an uninterrupted image displayed for a long period of time results in a permanent discoloration of the display panel, AG Neovo’s security and surveillance displays utilise propriety Anti-Burn-In™ technology. This technology has been tested and proven to prevent image burn-in and assure an extended life-span for the display.