Q1: How to share your Meetboard app session?
A: You can save it locally or in the cloud, store in a USB drive and share with others via QR code or email. For detailed instructions, please refer to the User’s Manual or AG Neovo Support YouTube channel.

Q2: Can I share content like meeting results via email?
A: Yes, before sharing via email you need to complete your email account setup in Meetboard first. For email account setup instructions, please refer to the User’s Manual.

Q3: Does the Assistive Menu work while viewing other inputs?
A: Yes, but the Back and Recent Apps buttons are only available on the home screen (Android OS).

Q4: How to update the system on Meetboard?
A: Over-the-air (OTA) updates can be found in:
Settings -> System Update.

Q5: Can I install Third-party apps?
A: No, Meetboard does not allow any unauthorized Apps to be installed. Please contact AG Neovo Support for any project requirements.

Q6: Why Meetboard powered off automatically?
A: The display is set to power off automatically when no signal is detected for more than 5 minutes in order to protect the LCD panel and reduce power consumption.

Q7: How much storage capacity does Meetboard come with?
A: 16 GB (14.4GB available).

Q8: Do I need a PC to view my Office files?
A: No, Meetboard comes pre-loaded with WPS Office app to view Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs and Adobe PDF format.

Q9: Should I prepare an extra Wi-Fi dongle to connect Meetboard to the internet?
A: No, every Meetboard has a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module included in the package.

Q10: What kind of wall mount should be prepared for Meetboard?
A: None, Meetboard comes with a compatible wall mount included in the box.

Q11: Can I use Meetboard to do video conference?
A: Yes, for using video conference systems, please contact AG Neovo Support for additional details.

Q12: Can I connect an additional PC to Meetboard?
A: Yes, Meetboard has 3 HDMI ports, a VGA port and touch USB ports to support external computer connections, connect both video signal (HDMI or VGA) and touch USB between your PC and Meetboard, switch to the corresponding input source using the Assistive Menu and Meetboard will work as a touch screen display.

Q1: Where can I download CMS software for my PC?
A: Click here to detail.

Q2: Where can I download Neovo Signage CMS software?
A: Neovo Signage CMS is a cloud-based CMS, no software downloading required. Please visit to register and use Neovo Signage CMS via web browsers.

Q3: How to play my content via USB drive?
A: Please create folders in your USB drive follow below rules, /agn/photo/ or /agn/video/ or agn/music/. Then press “source” on the remote control, select Media Player to setup your playlist using the files in your USB drive. For detailed settings, please refer to the User’s Manual.

Q4: How to show my web content on NSD-Series?
A: There are three ways to show web content on NSD-Series, Cloud CMS, CMS and Browser apps. For creating campaigns via Cloud CMS or CMS, please refer to the Neovo Signage and CMS user’s guide. If you only want to show a website on NSD-Series, press “source” on the remote control, select Browser and set the URL you would like to show into URL list. For detailed settings, please refer to the User’s Manual.

Q5: Can I show HTML 5 content on NSD-Series?
A: Yes, you can use the Browser app to show HTML 5-format content. Press “source” on the remote control, select Browser and set the HTML 5 campaign URL you would like to show into URL list. For detailed settings, please refer to the User’s Manual.

Q6: Can I show PDF content on NSD-Series?
A: Yes, press “source” on the remote control, select PDF Player to setup and play your PDF files from the agn/pdf folder. For detailed settings, please refer to the User’s Manual.

Q7: How can I connect NSD-Series to the network?
A: You can connect NSD-Series to network via Ethernet or using supported USB Wi-Fi dongles. For detailed network settings, please refer to the User’s Manual. Wi-Fi dongles supported: TP-LINK TL-WN725N (V3.0), TP-LINK Archer T4U (V3), D-LINK DWA-182 (D1).

Q8: Can I install my own Android apps into NSD-Series?
A: Installing 3rd party apps into NSD is not recommended, if you have this requirement, please contact your service provider or email to Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它.

Q9: How do I install a third-party app?
A: You can install from a USB drive or microSD card, or download the apk file directly on the display using the included Chromium browser.

Q10: What is an apk file?
A: An installer executable format for Android. When you download Android apps from the web, they will be “.apk” files that can be installed on the QM-Series.

Q11: I have an Android app, Can I use it with NSD-Series?
A: If it support Android 5.0.1, it should generally work, but AG Neovo cannot guarantee that it will work.

Q12: I would like to develop or test an app for NSD-Series. Can I receive technical support?
A: Yes, we will provide support. Please let us know what kind of support you require at Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

Q13: Can I use an OPS device on NSD-Series?
A: 65”+ models (NSD-6501Q, 7501Q and 8601Q) support OPS Slot.

Q14: What’s the difference between Cloud CMS and CMS?
A: Cloud CMS is a cloud-based digital signage platform provided by AG Neovo, users need to register accounts online to use Cloud CMS. Please visit to register and use Neovo Signage CMS via web browsers. Built-in “CMS” app in NSD-Series needs to work with a Windows-based software “CMS”, via this CMS, users can manage devices, create and publish content to multiple NSD-Series displays in same local network. For detailed information and settings, please refer to the NSD-Series and CMS User Guide.

Q15: How to display content via the CMS app?
A: Before you can display content via CMS app, you need to setup your AG Neovo NSD-Series display to sync with the CMS software, please refer to the NSD-Series User’s Manual for detailed instructions. After syncing displays with the CMS software, press “source” on the remote control, select Custom to show content made via the CMS app.

Q16: What are the advantages of including Android into the displays?
A: An integrated design mean you can control the media player and display with one remote control. You won’t need additional equipment to publish signage campaigns and makes installation easier and clean without additional connection wires.

Q17: What does open platform mean and how is it different from regular Android?
A: The NSD-Series platform is based on Android OS but includes unique cloud-based signage platform Neovo Signage, professional-use features like a password-protected home screen that can be operated with a remote control and Custom shortcuts that allow third-party apps to be integrated into the display as if they were built-in from the factory.

Q18: What does the HTML5 browser do?
A: HTML5 allows browser-based signage, as long as the display has an available connection, there is no need to install additional software. Up to 7 web links can be assigned and scheduled.

Q19: Can I use this for purposes other than signage (meetings, security, etc.)?
A: Yes, you may use this for purposes other than signage by installing third-party apps. You can download a CMS app to view security cameras, a screen sharing app for meetings, etc.

Q20: How do I operate the display screen?
A: General operation can be performed with a remote control. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to one of the USB ports for more accurate operation.

Q21: Can I use external memory (USB/microSD) to expand the storage capability of the display?
A: Yes, however if you are using third-party apps, they must be able to read external memory.

Q1: How to use PID Software to detect AG Neovo Display on the Network?
A: First, make sure the IP address shown on the PID Software and Monitors’ IP address in the same domain.
e.g. PC IP Address: 192.168.1.XXX, Monitor IP Address 192.168.1.XXX

Click IP Scan on the PID Software to Search, PID Software Can Get All Monitors list.
e.g. Mobile shows Local IP:
Monitor IP Address Show:

Q2: Why monitors in power saving mode can’t be detected or controlled via LAN?
A: Because an aggressive power saving mode will turn off the Ethernet port of the displays. If you want to be able to have access to the Ethernet port while the displays are off, you need to Set Monitor “Power Saving” Function as follows:

QM/NSD: OSD Advanced Option → Power Save → Mode 4 or Mode 3.
PD/PN: Enable Eco mode by pressing ↑ + ↓ + ← + → + OK
OSD General Setting → Eco mode → Normal

Q3: PID Software can get different Monitor models via (RS232)?
A: PID Software at RS232 mode Auto Search function only support a Model
Use RS232 to control Monitor, Every Monitor need Set Different “Monitor ID”.

Q4: Why does the “IR Remote” Control function in the PID software not Work?
A: QM/NSD/IFP Android-based models do not support IR Remote function.

Q5: Which models support the UniWall (Video wall) function?
A: Click on the “UniWall” tab of the Windows version of the PID software to check the supported models. On the Android version the application will automatically scan only the supported models.

Q6: Can I control a specific display after IP Scan?
A: Yes, after IP Scan, you can select one display to control.

Q7: If the PID Software was used to lock a display’s IR function, how to unlock it using the remote?
A: For PD/PN/PM models use the remote controller and press “ Home+1998”.
For QM/NSD models use the remote controller, press and hold the “Info” Button for 6 Seconds.

Q8: Can PID support RS-232 command?
A: Yes, only Windows version supports RS-232 command

Q9: Can PID support Ethernet Command?
A: Yes, both Windows and Android versions support Ethernet command

Q10: Can I use PID to setup video wall?
A: Yes, both Windows and Android versions support video wall setup

Q11: Where can I download PID software?
Windows: Click here to download.
Android: Click here to download.
iOS: Click here to download.

可以的,AG Neovo獨家的Anti-Burn-in™技術可以避免烙印出「鬼影」。其他資訊請參閱這一頁的內容。

可以, AG Neovo所設計的多重顯示器,都採用 NeoV™ 光學玻璃提供保護。其他資訊請參閱這一頁的內容。

AG Neovo顯示器採用NeoV™ 光學玻璃,因此您可以使用市面上常見的電腦螢幕清潔劑或光學鏡頭清潔劑,然後用軟布進行擦拭。使用沾有溫和肥皂水的布也非常有效,但是要避免使用具研磨效果的清潔劑。我們也不建議您時常使用含有氨水的家用清潔劑,因為這樣會造成玻璃上的光學塗佈受到損傷。
對於沒有採用NeoV™光學玻璃技術的AG Neovo顯示器,能夠使用特別針對液晶顯示器所設計的清潔產品,且在清潔其表面時請勿重壓。

TN面板技術是液晶顯示器市場中最常見的技術,其優點包括高反應時間,同時可以達到72% NTSC的色彩。
IPS面板技術可提供很好的反應時間,並且可以達成高色彩準確度 ,也可提供廣視角。
VA 面板技術則是希望提供更高的對比和色彩準確度,因此,比較常用於繪圖應用。

AG Neovo顯示器可以搭配任何的標準繪圖卡。請確認繪圖卡可支援顯示器原本設計的解析度。
若使用單一視訊連接點(有PN/PD系列可以支援)的2x2 4K 電視牆,我們建議使用Radeon™ RX系列的繪圖卡、或者NVIDIA Quadro® 繪圖卡。