Expressly designed and tested for security and surveillance environments, AG Neovo's Anti-Burn-in™ technology tackles burnt-in "ghost images", otherwise known as image sticking. Burnt-in images result in the polarisation of the liquid crystal material contained within the TFT LCD panel. AG Neovo's Anti-Burn-in™ technology prolongs the lifetime of all AG Neovo displays featuring this technology to secure user’s investment.


“Burn-in” Effect

Burn-in effect, known as image sticking, image retention or ghost images, is the phenomenon where images displayed for long periods of time (fixed screen images) cause the polarization of the liquid crystal material contained within the TFT LCD panel. Polarisation of the liquid crystal material causes the image to be “burnt” on the display.

Traditionally, to prevent image sticking, it is suggested to turn off the display for 1-2 hours after one-day operation, which is not practical especially for surveillance 24/7 requirement.

Advantages of Anti Burn in Technology


AG Neovo Specialised Anti-Burn-in™ Technology

“Anti-Burn-inTM” technology is activating the pixel to shift by designed time interval to protect panels from being seen the vaguely visible “residual image” under the static charge conditions so as to help prolong the life time of TFT LCD panels

To best fit the environment requirement of security application, AG Neovo invented the Anti-Burn-in™ Technology with high-level flexibility and effectiveness. There are three modes to choose.

Time interval

There are four options of time interval: 4, 5, 6, 8 Hours. It can be flexibly chosen according to different situations. It is suggested to activate Anti-Burn-in function when displaying static images every 4 hour to prevent panels from image sticking.

Mode A (Frame)

Frame shifts subtly in 10 pixel pitch back and forth in H and V positions. Mode A is the most time-efficient one.

Mode B (Line)

Activate static images by shifting pixels in H and V lines.

Mode C (Dot)

Activate static images by shifting pixels in H and V lines.


Other Tips for Minimising “Burn-in” image

When the screen presents a “burn-in image” after long hours of using the same image on the screen, an effective way to relieving the symptom of burn-in phenomenon is to run “entire black” pattern more than 4 hours whereas the display keeps power on under the environment, of which the temperature range is suggested 35~50 ºC. Running an “entire black screen saver” is time-consuming, which is recommended for relieving the symptom of burn-in phenomenon whereas the display is not in use.


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