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As technology advances and a greater number of video surveillance monitors become available, many professionals are looking to reap the benefits from new security technology or CCTV systems in varied environments, even meeting the requirements from critical environments. While factors such as objectives, location, scale, and budget often dictate the type of security monitor solutions adopted, qualities such as reliability, efficiency, and longevity remain mainstays in purchasing decisions for security professionals and project managers.

What Is a Security Monitor?

A security monitor, also known as a surveillance monitor or a CCTV monitor, is a screen that can display the event live or recorded footage from the security cameras or systems through connecting with the DVR or NVR devices. The high performance, long-term reliability, and flexible connectivity make a security monitor better meet the diverse requirements of any surveillance environment.

What Makes AG Neovo Monitors and Displays Great for Video Surveillance Environment?

Nowadays security and surveillance screens not only exist in the control rooms but started to be extended to cover from general to critical surveillance for different security purposes.

AG Neovo’s slate of video surveillance monitor is purposefully constructed to feature a multitude of options to cover the entire spectrum of needs. Professionals can then choose the ideal security system monitor that suits them best based on their unique circumstances, confident that their choice meets AG Neovo’s signature high-performance standards for the diverse applications.

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 Consumer Grade Monitors
Consumer Grade Monitors
AG Neovo Security Monitors
AG Neovo Security Monitors
24/7 Operation Easily caused ghost images while displaying a static image for 24 hours a day Anti-Burn-in™ Technology for ghost image prevention for non-stop 24 hours operation
Robust Design N/A NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass Screen and medal casing design to tolerate heat, dust and debris, impact or damage by hard tools, etc.
Easy to Clean Not allow to clean by acid, alkali and alcohol on its surface NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass Screen design for scratches, acid, alkali and up to 99% alcohol cleaning on its coated surface
Cost-Effectiveness Hard to fit project requirements when few of the monitors are malfunctioned Long-term product supply and classic look design to fit project requirements
Uncompromised Image Quality Only support brightness, sharpness, noise reduction adjustments Super Resolution, pre-configured CCTV Mode and Night Mode feature to improve surveillance images and unique scenarios
Multiple Video Inputs DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA SDI (BNC), DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video and Composite
Multi-Tasking N/A PiP/PbP Support

Uncompromised Video Quality

When it comes to high image quality in surveillance videos, users must consider more factors to achieve the best on-screen images other than the performance of security cameras and surveillance systems, and apply a professional security monitor in particular.

More than video display, security monitors are vital to get the best image quality when the monitor’s high resolution can match the camera megapixels. AG Neovo’s high quality of professional security monitors, with built-in Night Mode, CCTV Mode, and Super Resolution image enhancement, can fully present the true security camera footage and even enhance the image more naturally.

Night Mode: dims the Backlight Level in a dark environment, remains the clear viewing with high visibility for reliable navigation.
CCTV Mode: quickly fine-tunes users’ security solutions on the proven values adjustment of Backlight, Black level, Sharpness, Saturation, GAMMA, Noise Reduction and Super Resolution, etc.
Super Resolution: upscales and enhances the images to present more image detail in layered texture horizontally and vertically.

Multiple Video Connectivity

Under certain circumstances, the replacement of the existing surveillance system can be difficult and costly. Thus, choosing a surveillance monitor with multiple video inputs allow system integrators and installers to better configure their surveillance solutions without extra switch equipment.

AG Neovo’s security monitors easily connect 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, VGA, S-Video and Composite Video sources to bring users greater convenience.

AG Neovo's security monitors and surveillance monitors are with robust design for protection.

Robust Protection

Surveillance monitors are particular in that they entail uninterrupted usage in high-traffic locations. To deal with the stress of this type of use, AG Neovo’s security & surveillance monitors employs specially designed NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass Screen encased in a durable metal casing monitor design which provides resistance to countless types of damage, from scratching and high-velocity impact damage to environmental (water/dust) damage in tough environments.

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AG Neovo surveillance and security monitor in the control room

A Lifetime of 24/7 Operation

Given the demands of 24/7 operation over extended periods of time, each and every one of AG Neovo’s security & surveillance monitor is constructed with materials and technology that ensure the excellence and efficiency expected of AG Neovo, as well as reliability that involves no drop-off in performance regardless of age for CCTV systems in the control rooms.

AG Neovo surveillance and security monitors are with Anti Burn in Technology

Anti-Burn-in™ for LCD Ghost Image Prevention

Since the surveillance monitors are running for 24/7 operation, the monitors keep broadcasting the same and still images, where an uninterrupted image displayed for a long period of time results in permanent discoloration of the display panel, causing permanent “Ghost Images” (also known as image sticking and burn-in effect). To counter the effects of LCD burn-in or “ghosting”, AG Neovo’s security & surveillance monitor utilises propriety Anti-Burn-in™ technology. This technology has been tested and proven to prevent image burn-in and assure an extended life-span for the display.

AG Neovo security monitors and surveillance monitors are wall mounted in a industrial environment.

Long-term Product Supply with Cost Effectiveness

Large-scale projects require multiple combinations of surveillance monitors, systems, cameras, BNC cables, and other equipment, which takes testing time and high costs on installation efforts. This means most security professionals and project managers will expect not to change the surveillance systems and equipment until they’re not working well. AG Neovo’s security and surveillance monitors fulfill all professional requirements for monitors in varied environments, while its classic and durable looks and functions ensure more significant effort and money-saving in long-term project demands.