Video Wall Display

Using multiple slim bezel video wall displays working in tandem, this video wall solution offers businesses the ability to make an immediate impact in public spaces by creating eye-catching experiences that draw the viewer’s attention at first glance. At the same time, it also gives businesses the opportunity to optimise their creativity and messaging by delivering enhanced visuals beyond that which is available with single-display signage. Furthermore, from massive video walls to more intimate setups, the scalability of video wall solutions guarantees that businesses are able to create customised videowall solutions that suit their needs.

What Makes AG Neovo Displays Great for Video Walls?

AG Neovo understands that the quality of a video wall display is critical and that the visuals must be flawless to ensure that the viewer is immersed in the viewing experience form video wall images. By recognising these needs and taking a comprehensive view, AG Neovo is able to design video wall displays that utilise a deep understanding of panel technology and chassis design to produce video wall displays which heighten the quality of any video wall solutions.

AG Neovo 3.5mm ultra slim bezel video wall display supports 3 x 3 video wall solution.

Seamless Visuals

For many video wall solutions, the bezels that border each video wall display act as potential hitches that can distract from the overall visual message. To ensure that this is not the case, AG Neovo’s video wall displays feature ultra slim (3.5mm) bezels which guarantee that each panel is seamlessly integrated and that the video wall images shown are fluid as the viewer’s eyes move across the screen.

AG Neovo ultra slim bezel video wall display is 700 nits high brightness

Engineered to be Seen

The main priority for any video wall solutions must be to be seen and to be seen clearly. With high-brightness levels and wide viewing angles built into the design, the stunning images from AG Neovo’s video wall displays are sure to attract attention in any type of location and under any ambient light setting.

AG Neovo ultra slim bezel video wall display supports 2 x 2 video wall solution via daisy-chain.

Hassle-Free Set Up

Given that each video wall solution configuration involves multiple video wall displays, setting up a videowall may seem like a daunting task at first, but AG Neovo’s video wall products incorporate video source looping and tiling functions which are designed to make sure the setup process is convenient and stress-free.

AG Neovo ultra slim bezel video wall display can be controlled by PID Command & Ctrl Software

PID Command & Ctrl Software

Its built-in scheduler and OPS slot are complemented by IR / RS-232 looping and Ethernet control capabilities to easily control, setup and maintain large-scale digital signage video wall solutions.