QM-Series (with Android™ OS)

Q1: What are the advantages of including Android into the displays?
A: An integrated design mean you can control the media player and display with one remote control. You won’t need additional equipment to publish signage campaigns and makes installation easier and clean without additional connection wires.

Q2: What does open platform mean and how is it different from regular Android?
A: The QM-Series platform is based on Android OS but includes unique professional-use features like a password-protected home screen that can be operated with a remote control and Custom shortcuts that allow third-party apps to be integrated into the display as if they were built-in from the factory.

Q3: What does the HTML5 browser do?
A: HTML5 allows browser-based signage, as long as the display has an available connection, there is no need to install additional software. Up to 7 web links can be assigned and scheduled.

Q4: Can I use this for purposes other than signage (meetings, security, etc.)?
A: Yes, you may use this for purposes other than signage by installing third-party apps. You can download a CMS app to view security cameras, a screen sharing app for meetings, etc.

Q5: How do I install a third-party app?
A: You can install from a USB drive or microSD card, or download the apk file directly on the display using the included Chromium browser.

Q6: What is an apk file?
A: An installer executable format for Android. When you download Android apps from the web, they will be “.apk” files that can be installed on the QM-Series.

Q7: I have an Android app, Can I use it with QM-Series?
A: If it support Android 5.0.1, it should generally work, but AG Neovo cannot guarantee that it will work.

Q8: I would like to develop or test an app for QM-Series. Can I receive technical support?
A: Yes, we will provide support. Please let us know what kind of support you require at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q9: What kind of network connections are supported?
A: The QM-Series supports wired LAN and Wi-Fi via compatible dongles: TP-LINK TL-WN725N (V3.0), TP-LINK Archer T4U (V3), D-LINK DWA-182 (D1).

Q10: How do I operate the display screen?
A:General operation can be performed with a remote control. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to one of the USB ports for more accurate operation.

Q11: Can I use external memory (USB/microSD) to expand the storage capability of the display?
A: Yes, however if you are using third-party apps, they must be able to read external memory.